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  • you have.

  • Oh, I forgot.

  • Today's not a good day, but you promised.

  • Good brother.

  • Show me time if they won't get sister used to keep secrets.

  • The dress code is holiday festive.

  • That's better.

  • So when you get shot by like me, does it hurt?

  • P ease up.

  • Mmm.

  • No, it doesn't really hurt.

  • It kind of feels like Wow, that's actually really good question.

  • Thank you.

  • Uh oh.

  • You know what it feels like?

  • You know when you sneeze, but it feels good and you get the chills.

  • It feels like that, but without the sneezing part.

  • And he needs it.

  • Is in that on.

  • We need changing tool.

  • Ghana.

  • Where do your clothes go?

  • That's also a great question.

  • Thank you.

  • I really don't know, to be honest, like I don't even know where all this goes when I change back.

  • It's pretty.

  • It's pretty weird.

  • What is your tea taste?

  • Like sneakers.

  • These candy bars in the teapot had them for flavor, but they get real soggy.

  • Still good to load up on sugar and caffeine before the dancing starts.

you have.


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シャザムとダーラのお茶会|シャザム!削除されたシーン (Shazam and Darla Tea Party | Shazam! [Deleted Scene])

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