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  • Peggy, 18.

  • When we fight face out into me head on.

  • When we take their life, we looked him in the eye with courage and respect.

  • This is what makes us somebody.

  • There must be thousands of them.

  • Face death and defend our We do.

  • We must, Lord Sakai.

  • That is why you and I have both survivors.

  • I am summer night.

  • No, you are more than that.

  • You are the ghost.

  • Convince people to join me and I will give them peace.

  • Never, sir.

  • Fights like that.

  • It was nothing.

  • Oh, sure.

  • More than summer.

  • He is a vengeful spirit.

  • Back from the grave.

  • Dis Lotte, the Mongols.

  • If you continue down this path, there would be no better than the Mongols.

  • I trained you to fight with honor.

  • Honor died on the beach.

  • Kahn desserts to soothe.

  • I am some right, but I will sacrifice everything from my home.

  • Huh?

Peggy, 18.


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PS4 - Ghost Of Tsushima Story Trailer (2020) (PS4 - Ghost Of Tsushima Story Trailer (2020))

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