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  • what is good cut of people.

  • And welcome back to the channel issue, boy Bob Elam.

  • And we got some big news today.

  • I was joking earlier today in my community post.

  • Obviously, I'm gonna drop.

  • When it was he says something.

  • I just wanted to put together a good video with a lot of evidence and talking points rather than just basically posting the snippet and just saying It's coming out in two weeks.

  • I know you've all been waiting for this just as long as I have, but our time may have finally come.

  • The wait may be over.

  • Let's talk about it.

  • Okay.

  • So yesterday I made a video on the meaning behind lows.

  • Evert nicknaming himself Baby Fluto, in which one of the main takeaways was that he was paying homage to Future, whose nickname is Plu Toe or Big.

  • Pluto's even having an entire project named after the dwarf planet.

  • It seems like Uzis even been bumping futures music a lot lately in his instagram stories and lives, as well as in the specific live that we will be discussing today.

  • So it would make sense that he's starting to call himself futures little Bro Baby Puto was also suspected to be the name of the song Uzi previewed last week on I G that fans coined Audi, also speculating that it may end up being one of the lead singles for eternal take.

  • Nonetheless, the biggest takeaway that actually blows my mind that actually might be coming true.

  • So give it up for Bryce Dorsey.

  • This man is truly the Goat Bob game detective extraordinaire, right here.

  • Pluta was, in fact, discovered on March 13th 1930 which exactly aligns with Susie, announcing on I G Live last night or early this morning.

  • I guess that eternal take drops in two weeks, I Z himself states explicitly eternal.

  • Take two weeks short and sweet just how we like our doses of boozy crack.

  • Also notice.

  • Again, Susie is bumping future, strengthening the correlation of eternal.

  • It takes release date matching up with the discovery of Ploo toe.

  • Now I know what many of y'all are thinking, and I myself am hesitant as well to get excited because this isn't the first time, Jozy has said two weeks were given us some sort of time frame to look forward to.

  • For the release day of eternal take.

  • If Suzie gets the nickname himself, maybe Ploo toe.

  • We get to nickname him, Captain Cap.

  • So we have to do our due diligence and check to see if this next release day that he gives us of two weeks is actually true.

  • I mean, this man said he finished the last song on the album last year in May, at ruling Loud if it is the last all to the album.

  • And then a month later, he was posted outside his big gas tank truck looking thing, claiming it was dropping in three weeks.

  • Well, loser, it has been over 30 weeks since you said that.

  • However, I do think that this time is different.

  • And here's why.

  • In addition to Uzi confirming the eternal take release day on the same day as Pluto's discovery, we have also received a lot more clues than usual that hints towards the release day actually being legit to begin.

  • The mere fact that he's been so active on Twitter and all social media, for that matter in all of 2020 and even the end of 2019 previewing songs flexing with his car, et cetera, is evidence that Uzi has started his album rollout.

  • As we've discussed previously on this channel, Uzi is the type of artist that doesn't need to do interviews to get fans height for his album.

  • Anything he does in public gets the job done, really.

  • So consider his car getting booted essentially as the same thing as an interview on Breakfast Club.

  • It pretty much got the same amount of views, possibly even more coverage than the average artists getting the biggest co signed by academics or whatever big influence or in the hip hop space.

  • Another reason this time is different is because Susie removed eternal take from his bio, leaving on Lee Baby PLO toe, as well as replacing his profile picture with a telescope pick of Pluto's a few days ago.

  • At the time, fans were worried thinking Baby Puto with eternal it takes replacement and would be a whole separate project.

  • An internal take was just, you know, scrapped and that baby Ploo toe might have been a Collab project with future.

  • But really, he was alluding to the album, dropping soon in the same manner that he removed love his rage to from his bio.

  • A few days before that album released.

  • Moreover, a couple days ago, Rosie tweeted combos with Dez and hope I'm good.

  • We Gonna Be Good, Y'all, which hardcore fans at first believed to be about fixing his lean addiction and usage.

  • However, now I'm thinking it actually might have been about clearing Internal Take because if you didn't know, Louise Over is signed to a management deal with ROC Nation, founded by Jay Z or Hope, as Susie called him in the Tweet.

  • The other person he referred to in the Tweet was Misery Perez, whom we find out to be the chief operating officer of Rock Nation that oversees all day to day activities of the company and thus probably handles Uzis business dealings.

  • Given how large of an asset he is as an artist to that company, I can't really see either of the two talking to Susie about his lean usage.

  • Maybe J.

  • Because he was once an artist.

  • Put Desiree.

  • I feel like he wouldn't be close enough to Uzi to talk to him about that, but then again, they technically manage Uzi and have invested interest at heart so would be willing to do whatever it takes to keep him on the right path.

  • But aside from all that, in summary, eternal take dropping in two weeks, according to Uzi at least, and we know what that means.

  • But I think he's actually telling the truth this time.

  • I guess he's leaving Rihanna in the trenches because she's definitely not dropping her album as soon as he is.

  • If eternal takes coming out in two weeks and to put the nail in the coffin regarding Uzi actually dropping E and two weeks on March 13th almost officially, Rock Nation retweeted double excels repost of the I G live we saw earlier where an Uzi says eternal, take two weeks.

  • ROC nation, being a corporation desiring to maintain their credibility, probably would not want to promote fake news such as this, especially when Susie is one of their artists.

  • I guess the final boss to take down an Uzi situation is for generation now, his actual label that distributes the music to throw out a little hint as well.

  • Last thing before we go, some people are claiming that uses profile picture of Pluto's going over the eternal take cover.

  • However, we can easily find the picture he used with a simple Google search where, and it clearly states this picture is subject to copyright from nasa dot gov.

  • So I'm thinking the cover is still going to be the one revealed in January, where an Uzi looks like a cult leader being abducted by a UFO above him, and again shout out Bryce Dorsey for his crazy theory that actually might be coming true.

  • I mean, this dude, literally the goat.

  • And with that issue boy Bob Lamm signing off getting out my purple robe because I'm ready to be anal probe by these aliens to take me to wherever eternal take is hidden lemon on the comments.

  • If you think Suzy's saying two weeks is cap, make sure like and subscribe while you're at it for the biggest boozy hype trained on YouTube.

what is good cut of people.


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