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  • There's a ground ball hit with the right side of brave field.

  • He will take it himself and step on the bag.

  • No more Mazar will be retired, but it is an R B.

  • I ground out and the Rangers are on the board.

  • He gets his ground ball slowly up the middle.

  • Nice backhand.

  • Get away on she will be safe.

  • Line of the Shields will score that mall, skipping into the dugout.

  • Here's a lot drive from Get one.

  • Run will score.

  • Here comes Beltre.

  • He's gonna try to score.

  • The throw from Anderson is Mike Napoli's.

  • He goes down with Rangers.

  • Find themselves right back in this game Store.

  • 54 Good job by Mike Napoli.

  • It's a deep right field chasing with against Derek Holland, and the Rangers have way.

  • It has been an issue.

  • Here is a ground ball to short, Anderson holds back.

  • James says that Elvis Andrus is out, but it will be an R B.

  • I ground out another run across the board.

  • There's the 11 and Adrian lines this one into left center field for a base hit to store.

  • Adrian will stop at first, and it is an R B I single for Adrian Beltre.

  • There's one to the breaking ball is lifted to left field way, his 26th of the season, and the Rangers take a 12 lead here over the Chicago you're glad to see is not getting hot.

  • Had a home run yesterday.

  • Shot double for a couple of runs, a home run for three more.

  • It's a breaking ball.

  • It's at the bottom of the strike zone.

  • Middle of the strike zone.

  • No, on that, golf did intothe what you got there.

  • Some not so great synchronized clapping.

  • Turn around 12 unanswered runs here for the Texas Rangers.

  • There's 31 and this one is Door has his second home run of the night, and he refuses to let me take the lead with Booth, 26 61 got out of here in a hurry and went six or seven rows back in the upper deck.

  • That 1 466 feet.

  • This one is hit down the right field line, and it's gonna be trouble.

  • Is Shin Soo Choo with the three run home run, his 15th of the season 11 count and the Rangers continue to pile on here against the Chicago White Sox.

  • It is now 16 to 6.

  • The 30 is outside and still be a bases loaded walk for rude Netto Door Adrian Beltre will try home will be the 17th run scored tonight for the Texas Rangers.

There's a ground ball hit with the right side of brave field.


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[email protected]: レンジャーズはホワイトソックスに勝利して17のランをスコアします。 ([email protected]: Rangers score 17 runs in win over White Sox)

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