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  • It's all about these old families, like the Belmonts who controlled all the power ago, war with each other.

  • Who's calling the way we are?

  • Because we don't do What would you come from?

  • Well, Audi around.

  • According to you, you kind from ship or kind from shit.

  • We all kind from shit.

  • We just work for a living every day of our lives.

  • Just keep those pastors and food on a roll site, actually, are slides the great Oh, finally sees in that guy keeps Sorry.

  • Can I get my ale?

  • It's just that I think I'm so right.

  • All right.

  • All right.

  • We'll want to see some coin from you now.

  • Oh, boy.

  • Look down your chest.

  • My shut.

  • Just one more tank.

  • A clothing to keep me warm while I find a tree to sleep under Christ on knowing I don't Just one more drink, and then I'll leave.

  • Right?

  • That a bell.

  • More crest.

  • Ready?

  • Look, here's the money.

  • You're a bell on you.

  • How's your little more family?

  • Petal More.

  • Never met them.

  • Listen, forget it.

  • I'll just go.

  • No, you're a bell more.

  • This is only awful.

  • I don't know what you're talking about.

  • Yes, you do.

  • Yes, you do.

  • Everyone knows the Belmonts dealt in Black magic.

  • The Belmonts dealt with monsters.

  • The Belmonts fought monsters, son.

  • So I'm told this is just a old shirt.

  • The bell.

  • Most were excommunicated by the church.

  • Banished, disowned their lands.

  • Take it because they were evil able.

  • And now Dracula's hordes were abroad in a lot.

  • And whose fault is that?

  • Well, it ain't mine.

  • The Belmonts tried it in black Magic on now, Black magic is all over.

  • We're archaea.

  • Well, thank you.

  • Know exactly who's for that ace?

  • I'm leaving.

  • Okay, I'm leaving now so you can lead your most your friends back here talking.

  • Find some other person somewhere else to sleep.

  • Now you can sleep, Roy.

  • You haven't got your shovel, baby.

  • Outdated.

  • Confess, old mike.

  • It quick.

  • We'll show night.

  • Look, I'm carrying a short so good.

  • No Whip patrol Drivable month.

  • I was Beaumont lost son of the Beaumont family.

  • Happy now?

  • Now who?

  • Whoa!

  • I fucking downer.

  • That's how you want it.

  • Listen, ice if I fucking vampires Chicken, please leave my testicle alone.

  • You try fucking about and I've never lost a fight to man nor fucking beast.

  • Oh, hey, Gosh.

  • Who who busted?

  • No.

  • You will bleed out through Says you really lost, right?

  • Busted one.

It's all about these old families, like the Belmonts who controlled all the power ago, war with each other.


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