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  • this wide Efforts to ease fears of Pikesville Hotel canceled the reservations of a college men's basketball team today.

  • The coach says it was over the Corona virus.

  • The team was in town for a tournament, but a student at the Orthodox Jewish University in New York tested positive for the virus.

  • WC is live Rachel Minute off continues our team coverage.

  • She explains how local schools and universities responding to reports of the virus.

  • Rachel Vic, Good evening, according to the AP, achieve a university basketball team.

  • They were forced to book rooms at another hotel in town.

  • Meanwhile, three students at the Big No cease Roel School here in Baltimore may have had indirect exposure to the virus during a trip to New York.

  • Associated Press reports that this Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Pikesville canceled Yeshiva University's reservation on Thursday.

  • The coach says it was over fears of the Corona virus.

  • A student at Yeshiva University, recently tested positive for the virus.

  • The men's basketball team is scheduled to play in a tournament at Johns Hopkins this Friday.

  • A Hilton spokesperson tells the AP that the hotel is an independently owned and operated property.

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  • J Z reached out to the hotel in Hilton but have not heard back a Baltimore school also impacted by threats of the virus.

  • Spino sees rural school and northwest Baltimore.

  • It remains open, but three students are under quarantine after possible exposure to Corona virus, according to The Wall Street Journal.

  • The girls are sisters who attended a bat mitzvah in White Plains, New York, last week.

  • The event was also attended by a confirmed Corona virus patient from New Rochelle, which has been the epicenter of the illness after an attorney became sick on February 22nd 8 of the new cases are connected to the attorney from Westchester.

  • Maneuver Shell area students from Bono sees rural currently have no symptoms The Baltimore city's health department says there was no need to shut down this school.

  • Governor Hogan, echoing that sentiment Thursday night, saying Marylanders should goto work in school just like they normally d'oh.

  • The Maryland Department of Education has issued guidance to local school systems regarding their authority to determine school closures if necessary.

  • The governor, also saying tonight that the Maryland Higher Education Commission is now working with local colleges and universities to bring students home from study abroad programs and potentially cancel future overseas trips were live in Baltimore tonight.

  • I'm Rachel Minute off for W J.

  • Z.

this wide Efforts to ease fears of Pikesville Hotel canceled the reservations of a college men's basketball team today.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

メリーランド州のホテルでは、コロナウイルスの恐れがあるため、Yeshiva U.バスケットボールチームの予約をキャンセルします。 (Hotel In Maryland Cancels Reservation For Yeshiva U. Basketball Team Over Coronavirus Fears)

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