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  • everyone takes it out.

  • I love making means and sharing them with the world With the help of some funny friends were tackling today's trending photos and naming them all This is we're here with America's sweetheart Monica Patmon co host a back check with contest armchair expert and Kristen.

  • We're gonna see an image or video and then give it our best mean Oh, is Kanye, by the way?

  • Okay, this'll is a look.

  • I mean, I would just say he's he's literally gone platinum.

  • Yeah, I thought, this is me when I go into Sephora and I say I just want, like, a natural look.

  • And the Sephora clerk is, like, done.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • I think he's really taking this heartless thing to a new level.

  • Her jokes air layered.

  • You gotta peel them back.

  • Oh, wow.

  • I mean, that is why they call it a knob Thing I feel like is what my husband wants.

  • On the door to our bedroom, we moved in together and I moved into his house.

  • He had a urinal.

  • You know?

  • What if there was ever a time for you to practice?

  • I did.

  • I did.

  • I did it is different.

  • It's very fun.

  • Yeah, it feels so good to just stand there.

  • But it's like again we're not dealing with the same aim as you guys are.

  • So there's definitely like there's gotta be a really deep sit.

  • My son loves peeing outside.

  • He pees outside any chance he gets So my girls But I say on the great please, not on the driveway, Not on the Astro turf on the great over the great.

  • Yeah, you could get them a little box with that room.

  • A litter box for kids, a kidder box.

  • Oh, wow.

  • That's the Cubist human being.

  • I know his tiny little hands, but it is when you know the tea.

  • But you can't spell it.

  • You gotta keep it in.

  • This is me.

  • Also Just like having a cheat Mail that I know.

  • I don't deserve thistles Me when I'm asked to taste wine for the table.

  • Sometimes it's pictures.

  • Sometimes it's video.

  • This is minerals treatment, big little lies.

  • This is a minute 22 when I'm putting my kids down where they can't decide what pajamas they're gonna wear way We're gonna do rapid fire names.

  • Oh, Christian Europe.

  • Ready?

  • Yes, Oh, OK.

  • This is when literally anyone will say to me, I have to cancel our plans.

  • Oh, boy.

  • I love Jim Carrey faces.

  • Yeah.

  • This is like when I go to the genius bar, the guy looks in my search history Federal.

  • I'll fix the computer.

  • Just give me the computer guy.

  • Oh!

  • Oh, Andy.

  • Andy on Mom's planning.

  • Wow.

  • He looks like he might be about to be eliminated.

  • Our cake, Boss, You don't like Kristen and Monica.

  • Thank you so much for coming.

  • Thank you.

  • So fun by everyone.

everyone takes it out.


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