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  • Did you find the world way?

  • Have orbiting a main sequence.

  • Yellow Star Justus.

  • You said it.

  • Young star cells will drink its radiation.

  • Seemingly intelligent population.

  • Be no cast freak.

  • Kill him.

  • You'll be a god to them.

  • But if the ship doesn't make it, he will die out there alone.

  • I can do it.

  • I thought I could but are not.

  • It is here.

  • Krypton is doomed.

  • It's his only chance.

  • Tell people's only hope.

  • What is it?

  • Killers.

  • They're five attack ships converging from the east.

  • Citadel's defenses are being scanned and evaluated.

  • I'll upload the cut.

  • No, wait!

  • No!

  • Never get to see.

  • Yes, you're out there.

  • Look at the stars.

  • You would.

  • Goodbye, my son.

  • Huh?

  • Hopes and dreams Travel with you.

  • Great.

  • Fire on the main door.

  • The phantom drives coming online.

  • Proceed to ignition.

  • General, we have identified an engine ignition with him.

  • This is Adele.

  • Launch.

  • Hold this platform, Commander.

Did you find the world way?


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彼は彼らにとって神となるだろう|マン・オブ・スティール [UltraHD, HDR] (He will be a God to them | Man of Steel [UltraHD, HDR])

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