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Hi, I'm Chris Harper and with me is Makayla.
Today we're here to demonstrate a hamstring application.
This is if you have pain due to tears, cramping, or tightness in the hamstrings.
Some causes of this may include overuse dehydration, rapid changes in training
or abrupt changes in speed.
KT Tape helps treat this condition by relaxing
the muscle, increasing circulation, and providing support.
For this application, we need to put the hamstring on stretch.
So we're going have Makayla turn around. We're going to set the leg behind you.
So we're putting that on stretch.
And we're going to lean the trunk forward.
So this effectively puts this area on stretch.
For our first piece, we're going to take one strip.
We're going to twist and tear the paper backing
on the tape, this is to create an anchor. We're going to put this
on the inside part, just above the knee with absolutely no stretch on the tape.
What I'm doing here is avoiding taping over the back of the knee, the sensitive
skin just behind the knee.
So I'm just above that, I'm going to remove the
paper backing leaving a little bit
of paper on the end for me to hand on to.
And we are going to place this on with twenty-five percent stretch. So if we stretch one-hundred
back off half way, and half way again, that leaves us
with about twenty five percent stretch on there and
we're going to go ahead and lay that tape down.
And I'm going to go right over Makayla's shorts here
just for this demonstration
but you would put this right on the skin at home.
And I'm giving that a good friction rub, just to
create a little bit of heat
and better adhesion of the tape. For our second piece, again we are going to take one full
I'm going to twist and tear the paper backing here
and removing that leaving the logo end,
again I'm placing this with absolutely zero stretch
just above the knee not tapping the skin behind the knee. Again we are going to apply this
with twenty-five percent stretch. We can judge that,
one-hundred percent, fifty, twenty five.
And we are going to go ahead and lay that piece
down, a little bit of friction.
And I'm going to leave that end with absolutely zero stretch on there.
We're going to give that a good friction rub to
create some heat, getting that adhesive to
really stick to the skin.
And here are some tips before applying, trim or shave any hair off the area
just to allow for better adhesion to the skin.
Clean the skin very well, removing any lotions or skin oils.
Be careful with taking any clothing on or off
as this may roll the tape.
And keep your knees straight while applying the tape
again, avoid the skin just behind the knee.
Complimentary treatments may include rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications
such as ibuprofen, foam rolling, light massage, and stretching.
Please seek care if you have swelling, bruising or trouble walking or any radiating pain.
For more information see our website at www.kttape.com


KT Tape: Hamstrings

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