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  • recipe.

  • Smell it and we don't have to go back for more.

  • Well, we start off how we go wrong.

  • Nigger's brisket out.

  • Put a *** name and so make us fight number blocks that we don't even leave the house to get a bag and never make it back home.

  • Bulletproof truck for 10 rapping I want living like this when I was still trapped.

  • So Singh me shed a tree like that.

  • My dad, I don't know what's going on.

  • Rapid gangsta Nerissa thinking it's cool to you to suspect a victim.

  • They post on the news.

  • So the dope that you're selling the dump that you use now may pop appeal.

  • Cool.

  • You know, I'm a true independent.

  • Munitions.

  • Listen, run the record label.

  • Nice bested my means.

  • I spend millions on hard as indeed it consistent.

  • I've been angry.

  • A both tough to watch How you mentioned real estate.

  • Got a kick 20 mil own 8 30 in the bank.

  • Paid off.

  • Still, they did.

  • I've seen 100 bricks ahead of honey drink those with money shots, but I see that 100 million really didn't.

  • ***, I ain't impressed by killer.

  • I'm impressed by lust take kids mother and his brother, his significant other putting *** in position to show me love.

  • You know, I just moved to L A Right right out just to see it for myself.

  • Home to a good life.

  • I just pay a Milton our wrists I don't agree with.

  • Then again, you could say I'm blessed Late night.

  • No sleep.

  • You saying stress for a car for life's A list called a meal to the lawyer Straight Cares no check Never lied to my neck Stand on that I cracked my career Brothers really love each other and nobody I'm with J How's can heal reality I got a long way to go Really ship named meal on a trip that he not 1/2 won't make it for my family that she's gonna be a tragedy kind of lia life And make sure they're proud of giving energy to critics of *** who doubted I'm a black on his owner Entrepreneur We are from the gutter from the mother from the store Detective meet total move Safe, sensitive young chicken on your case.

  • Senate takes the bait for you on your way Only caught up in the streets you want?

  • Get away.

  • I think that would block.

  • You're young, but you gotta take the chief's ear, like by morning.

  • Good holes in a lot of gear.

  • I just hope today here, Melody needs dear.

  • They like to change.

  • I called immature.

  • I gotta get to the bag.

  • And he lays firmly five million and watches and no stalls and cheers.

  • L fear no meaning of security.

  • Security.

  • I'm trying to get 100 meal for facing a cold, you versus for the government.

  • And then what you're gonna do, start telling a more focused, You know, real ***.

  • That ain't no shit.

  • Neither on Instagram posted a motherfucking being.

  • Shit.

  • Drink.

  • Oh, this big, we'll be ready.

  • Whole social media shit, Poley ***.



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