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  • Hi, I'm CNN.

  • Mina Chadwick Boseman.

  • I'm here to teach you some British slang and I will be teaching you a you some South Carolina slang.

  • First up fixinto or fixing out fixing the fixinto.

  • I'm fixing to go to the store.

  • I'm about to going I'm going Thio traffics in the future.

  • Okay, A bit more than the man in the moon.

  • You don't know what you're doing a bit more than a man in the moon, You know that You can't You're not You're not playing You can't play basketball bit water The man in the booth A bit more than a man in the moon Oh, my sign Science Yeah, shine But it's got a thingy before an apostrophe Oh, Smaug moonshine Abbreviated Ugo Great day in the morning I used to never know what this Waas Now we're here because I would hear great day.

  • Great.

  • Like what?

  • A deep So it really should have a Do you agree A day in the morning?

  • You could use if like when you see a woman who's so far like cream ugly it's not really about the physical like you're acting ugly, you know?

  • God don't like I am studying you.

  • You other right now.

  • No.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Okay.

  • I'm studying you.

  • I'm not worried about you.

  • I studying you.

  • That's a good one.

  • I studied you.

  • I keep trying to stop us, like, go downstairs.

  • But I ain't studying you like that.

  • Studying us.

  • Worried about happy, right?

  • Throwing a wobbly this'll means having a fit or throwing your toys out of the cram.

  • Does that mean you're throwing a wobbly when you're having a diva fit?

  • Have you thrown a few bodies?

  • Thrown some wobblies in my day?

  • A shove it don't go for sure.

  • But later, drink an alcoholic beverage, Have a few shepherds is this is just like strong liquor?

  • Is this?

  • It could be anything with an alcoholic content, anything.

  • A Bonnie Bonnie That is that, like the dinosaurs, if you have No, you have having a Bonnie.

  • You having a fight with someone?

  • Way had a Barney.

  • We had a disagreement would be the diplomatic way of saying, Bonnie, we all know what it actually or you take but an ass.

  • If someone's in us again, they're being a bit of a tit there.

  • No, it's more the person that you're bit Yeah, you're in us something.

  • Are you?

  • Are such a rubber dumped up to go for a rub?

  • A dub dub to the rub A dub dub.

  • It's rhyming slang for a pub.

  • I was like, I mean, if you ask for a rubber dubbed up in a massage parlor in England, you might get you points.

  • Just it sounds a bit elicit.

  • Can I have a rubber doctor?

  • It's a bit of a Might be a bit of a common chanda.

  • That's after you've been down the rubber dub Dub and had a few too many share butts.

  • You might wonder.

  • Throw up?

  • Yep.

  • See it in your voice.

  • Gender, gender doesn't work.

  • It doesn't work it all.

  • Donde have a ganda have a little look on?

  • Quite a male.

  • They would have a gander at that, you know?

  • Could be Whoa.

  • What do you mean?

  • If you have a ganda, it's just to have a look at something that you can have a gander at someone.

  • Oh, yes.

  • You know, I I'm going with Hunky Dorey.

  • If everything's hunky dorey, it's great.

  • Tickety boo.

  • Yeah, I think we stole that too.

  • Did you not self.

  • But you have heard a hunky dory.

  • Ming Ming Ming Ming Ming Ming.

  • What is that ugly?

  • Oh, he's If someone's making, they're not attractive.

  • You could say what a mega would've.

  • I like that.

  • Oh, he's such a genius.

  • Such I think I think it's quite me.

  • We don't like to talk about people, but, you know, saying it might come up good.

  • I like that one.

  • Yeah, like rub a dub dub, too.

Hi, I'm CNN.


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