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  • have ever wanna welcome to another video.

  • Now, just over 10 years ago, Intel released the very first Kwai seven process of the 79 20.

  • This was a four courtship with hyper threading based on the new at the time the Halem Architectural.

  • These chips were designed to fit the 13 66 socket for which the motherboards are still expensive.

  • Even to this day, the 9 20 was considered the mainstream option, coming in at $284 with the performance by 79 40 enthusiastic 965 extreme costing 562 a $999 respectively.

  • As with any big new process release, these chips drew a lot of attention, and those whose pockets were deep enough jumped at the chance of owning one so that they could put together a powerful new gaming rig.

  • The I 79 20 can still handle itself pretty well when paired with a modern GPU.

  • But the story of the ice 79 20 isn't a controversy free one.

  • Back in 2010 a few knew it.

  • Customers were shocked when what they thought was a brand new I seven turned up looking like this, a fake chip paired with a fake heat sink packaged inside a box containing spelling mistakes.

  • As with everything in this Internet age, the story quickly blew up.

  • But when this happens, it's fair to assume that the facts are always going to be a priority.

  • Various websites wanted to be the first to report on this, and so came the headlines, finger pointing and a handful of videos of customers.

  • Unboxing there hookey IE seven's.

  • At first, it was reported that a certain supplier who shall not be directly named due to their now proven innocents, were responsible for shipping the 300 Dodger units to new egg in the first place.

  • This supply, I made it worse for themselves because they were issuing cease and desist orders to the sites who had reported the news.

  • So, of course, they just wanted to clear their name.

  • These sites had, of course, being depending on unreliable sources for information.

  • But then again, it was the only information anyone really had it the time to their credit, Everything I've read about new egg makes it seem like they did a fantastic job of rectifying this situation, sending out replacements or refunds where necessary and taking the matter extremely seriously along the way.

  • They later issued a final statement.

  • In regards to these IE seven's see another company who again will remain anonymous told new egg that they had mistakenly shipped to them demo units.

  • Although demo and counterfeit obviously two different things and so tires were swiftly cut.

  • So ending the fake Ice seven saga who really knows how or why new egg ended up with 300 fake I sevens in the first place?

  • I guess we'll never really know.

  • And I guess no one will really know either why the company who sent them to them did so in the first place.

  • Unless, of course, they weren't wise to it.

  • Now it's a very interesting back story, and now I want to take a quick look at modern I 79 20 performance.

  • So let's pair it with a modern 10 70 see how it holds up.

  • So I haven't tested many games because if you are a frequent viewer of the channel, you may remember I checked out the ice 79 50 not long ago.

  • And to be honest, performance is quite similar.

  • The ice 79 20 hit is overcooked a little bit to 3.4 gigahertz and can still handle itself pretty well even when tackling some of the newest games out there.

  • Compared with this 10 70 now, it's probably not a fantastic idea to pair these two right off the bat.

  • For example, go out and purchase.

  • Ah, nice 79 20 based system and sticker 10 70 in here.

  • But just know that if you do, you should still be able to play all of your favorite games.

  • There will be some instances where the CPU does bottleneck on vice versa, but it really is a decent experience here.

  • I'm using medium settings, but you could certainly push things a little higher, but I was aiming for 60 F ps throughout.

  • I have as well paired the I seven with 12 Gig's off DDR 3 13 33 megahertz ran anyway.

  • All that's left to say is that I hope you enjoyed this video.

  • This was more focused on that little sort of controversy regarding the ice.

  • 79 20 as I came across this old article when just generally doing a little bit of research the other day.

  • You enjoyed it.

  • If you did leave a lock on it down below liver dislike.

  • If you didn't subscribe to the General if you haven't done so already.

  • And actually I'll see you all in the next one.

have ever wanna welcome to another video.


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