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  • This is what prepared looks like for the n HS protective suits.

  • Results exchanged through glass.

  • Craig Dylan spent 12 hours in quarantine at ST Thomas's Hospital, subject to multiple blood tests and swabs.

  • He became ill while flying back from Thailand, fire connecting flight through China.

  • There was the glass because we're like, sealed in and had, like, the intercom that they were talking through.

  • Of course, like there were in these like Master, they can't really.

  • It's hard to know I can leave.

  • I could hardly really understand what they were saying because they're like, sealed in these suits.

  • So yeah, there was.

  • They were trying to explain and they had to.

  • They would like, make notes on the paper and then sell it.

  • Ate into the glass of the team outside.

  • Could like copy the nose down while airport health checks in China picked up that he had a high temperature and Heathrow, he was waived straight through.

  • I landed at Heathrow on dhe, met all my friends, went into work and went to like Starbucks and stuff that, you know, that should have been something.

  • Maur Heathrow up in Scotland.

  • Three patients are currently under observation in Edinburgh, another in Glasgow, all Chinese people from the city of Wu Han.

  • There's no indication about whether any have tested positive in the Commons Health search team at Hancock set out to reassure.

  • While there is an increased likelihood that case is may arise in this country, we are well prepared and well equipped to deal with them.

  • Over the last two weeks, Public Health England has been working alongside German researchers to develop a diagnostic test to identify the new strain of the disease.

  • But as a precaution, the N HS is preparing for the worst, with clinicians being advised on how to detect it on dhe infection control in Newcastle's Chinatown.

  • For those who have relatives in Wu Han, it is concerning.

  • Although we are going to celebrate the chanting doing this coming Sunday, all the people who got the Modus Avery, but we hope everything will be all right over there.

  • What preparations are made for the Lunar New Year?

  • It is impossible to escape the headlines around the world.

This is what prepared looks like for the n HS protective suits.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

英国では4人がテストを受けたため、致死性コロナウイルスの警戒態勢に入っている (UK on alert for deadly coronavirus as four people are tested)

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