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  • you ready?

  • Oh, shit.

  • Yeah, Yeah.

  • Here it comes.

  • Okay, Okay, I'm ready.

  • Let's all go to koi.

  • You You guys, you don't know me and joining me are watching you while where I that was fucking That felt smooth.

  • Listen, I got some big news to tell you.

  • Oh, yeah?

  • What's that?

  • Tammy Lynn and I are gonna have a baby to have a fucking awesome Congratulations.

  • Wait, How How do you guys?

  • That's the thing way.

  • Gotta find a sperm donor, get a lot of trouble.

  • Can you think of someone better than him Would be a sweet ass fucking baby fucking Brady.

  • The greatest athletes in the country.

  • Now let's give him a hand job.

  • That is Red Plastic Cup.

  • I'm going to take your teddy bear with you.

  • Oh, shit.

  • Perfect Spiral.

  • Hey, Johnny.

  • Thanks for yanking out a sample for me.

  • Thunder buddies for life.

  • Remember, you haven't smoked for two whole days, right?

  • I told you I'm clean, all right?

  • Your baby's gonna be fine, right?

  • I'm sorry.

  • I just don't want something.

  • I got feed with a pitchfork when he's 16 Way.

  • Wanna have a baby?

  • You're gonna have to prove you're a person in a court of law.

  • They shot on property.

  • Well, Gavin John pieces, she and maybe more like a hammer or an orange.

  • It's just a word that I asked my ancestors.

  • One minute you're in Africa.

  • You in a river, washing your clothes, titties.

  • Just hanging this thing.

  • You know you're getting fucked by Thomas Jefferson.

  • Wow.

  • You make history come alive, joining what are we gonna do it?

  • We'll get a lawyer and we'll sue the fucking government civil rights if I ask how old you are.

  • 26.

  • You know, I just don't want my lawyer singing frozen songs during the opening arguments.

  • We really appreciate your time, but I think what we're probably gonna do is just take a seat and get the word out shoot completely.

  • Yeah.

  • We really feel like you got a lot to offer.

  • Get migraines.

  • I'm gonna get a huge migraine in the parking lot in about 20 minutes.

  • You're special, but what defines a person is making a contribution to society.

  • Get some fucking exercise.

  • Your laptop.

  • Yeah, go ahead.

  • What the fuck is going on?

  • So much point.

  • I've been meaning to clear some of that out.

  • Look at the organization here.

  • Clockwise rim job counterclockwise.

  • RIM job.

  • Sometimes you like seeing the tongue go the other way.

  • Chicks with dicks.

  • Wait, I have a disease.

  • All right.

  • I did out there.

  • I know chicks with dicks, Johnny.

  • Only guys with tits.

you ready?


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