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  • Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign is clearly reassessing a strategy.

  • Tonight, Massachusetts Senator Lead polls.

  • Just a few months ago, however, she has now had two poor performances in a row, placing third in Iowa, fourth in New Hampshire.

  • Today, according to one Media Analysis group, her campaign has canceled more than 1/2 $1,000,000 add reservations in the next primary state in South Carolina.

  • Just before air time, I spoke to Senator Warren about her performance so far.

  • Now she sees the coming weeks and months unfolding.

  • Senator Warren, thanks for being with us.

  • I'm wondering about last night.

  • What do you think happened in New Hampshire there?

  • Well, obviously a lot of people who wanted you to do better your your your supporters.

  • Sure including May, uh, But, you know, we've got five candidates now who all have delegates, and, ah, I think we're going for a long nomination process.

  • Since Iowa, I have raised $5 million in grassroots donations.

  • People who are saying stay in this race fight this race because they get it.

  • Do you have a sense of why that message, which is the message you gave in New Hampshire, didn't resonate?

  • You know, I I don't, uh But I can tell you this I can tell you that it's what I fight for, and I'm gonna get out there and keep fighting for it and keep talking about it.

  • I think we're in a very frothy place right now, But do keep in mind, we've only heard from two states.

  • We got 98 states and territories.

  • 98% of our states and territories left to go.

  • Uh, that that means we've got a lot coming up.

  • Although I have to say, I know everybody wants to talk about the horse race, but the thing that is really getting to me right now is what's going on over the Justice Department and the whole notion that we have people in our Justice Department resigning because Donald Trump's inappropriate influence and the the attorney general overturning, uh, sentencing of Donald Trump's cronies that right in front of our eyes were watching a descent into authoritarianism.

  • And this just seems like a moment to me.

  • Everybody should be speaking up.

  • Presidential candidates should peace.

  • Speaking up, people around this country should be speaking.

  • I said, we can't have this last night.

  • I think I said on air that you know the Washington Post has democracy dies in darkness.

  • It actually doesn't.

  • It dies on television and dies right under the lights of that the bright of day E.

  • This is an attack on the institutions and justice.

  • That's right.

  • And with people not doing something, you understand right now, we should all be calling for the attorney General to resign.

  • What BAR has done should mean that we are demanding a resignation.

  • And if that guy won't resign in the House should start impeachment proceedings against him.

  • I know when you call for the impeachment of the president an investigation on impeachment, there were those who said, Well, look, you know, politically, this is not gonna be good for Democrats.

  • You said, Look, the things that are more important than that is there.

  • I mean, the idea of launching another impeachment investigation this time against the attorney General that that again, there are political considerations.

  • No, No doubt there are political considerations.

  • But what do you think of the political considerations to sitting by instead and sitting on your hands?

  • Look, it is started this with talking about how democracy dies.

  • It doesn't just die in darkness that it dies on television with nobody doing anything enough of this.

  • We can't just sit by and watch this happen.

  • And I have to say, I'm surprised the other presidential candidates aren't out there talking about it before we go.

  • Just one last question about what lies ahead for you, obviously, is Nevada.

  • They're South Carolina.

  • Are you concerned that Senator Sanders appears to be solidifying the progressive wing of the party behind him?

  • You've got, I guess, more moderates who might save people.

  • Jamie Club Club Char Um, do you see yourself as sort of a lane in between Sanders and a Buddha Judge?

  • A club?

  • A charming sort of some sort of bridge between them.

  • Where is your lane at this point?

  • So, Jesse Jackson, uh, made a wonderful statement many years ago.

  • It takes two wings to fly, and I think that's where we are right now in the Democratic Party.

  • A lot of good people in this party, a lot of good ideas, but we need someone who's going to be able to unite this party and to be able to fight hard on behalf of core democratic values to fight on behalf off hard working, middle class American families to fight on behalf of people who've just been getting the short end of the stick over and over and over.

  • You know, I came to politics late, but that was my life's work.

  • And I'm running for president.

  • Not just because I know how badly it has gotten for hard working people, but I can see the ways that we can make this better.

  • We get in this fight together, we can turn this around.

  • We can make this a country that isn't just working for rich people, but a country that actually invests in all of our Children, a country that actually builds a future for everyone.

  • It's what makes this so exciting.

  • Warren, we appreciate your time.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign is clearly reassessing a strategy.


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