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- Yes I did.
I just bought a new supercar.
Now, if you are a fan of my work,
if you've been following on social media,
I wanna see if you could guess what car I just bought.
Comment below.
Now, did I buy a Ferarri?
Did I buy a Lamborghini?
Did I buy another Bentley?
Maybe a Rolls Royce?
I don't know.
Comment below.
See if you know.
Let me give you a few seconds.
By the way, if this is the first time
you're watching my video,
make sure you click on the subscribe button
and turn on the notification.
Every single day I upload a new video for you.
So, what did I buy?
Now, let me give you little bit of a hint.
I've been wanting this car for a long time.
It is very, very difficult to find.
It is almost a collectible,
and it's extremely, extremely valuable.
Do you know what this car is?
Are you ready?
Are you really ready?
Here we go!
And that is, dun-na!
Ford Escort,
a white Ford Escort.
Now, you may be thinking,
"What the hell Dan?"
"What is this?"
This is actually the exact same model as my first car.
The first car that I bought when I immigrated to Canada,
when I got my driver license,
when I was old enough to drive.
Now, at the time, I bought this exact same model
from my aunt for $2,500.
It was a lemon.
Right, with like 100,000 miles on it or something like that.
It's very, very difficult to find.
So, when I found this car,
I had my team, Desmond, negotiated with the owner
and I bought this for $800.
Now, the problem was, when I bought this for $800,
the car doesn't run.
So, we had to put in another few hundred dollars of work,
just to make sure the thing would run, right?
So, why did I buy this car?
I bought this car
because I want to always remember where I came from.
This is where I came from.
Lok 1st.
Dan Lok's very first car,
when I had no money.
(sniffs) You can smell it.
It stinks.
There's no new leather smell, right?
This is so old, you can see this,
follow me, right?
This actually brings back a lot of memory, right?
'Cause I remember my windshield actually
didn't work very well.
It would make a lot of noise.
I don't know if you've had that experience,
like with old car, it would go
gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee,
and like when it's raining in Vancouver,
believe it, it rains a lot,
and then we have this,
and then the brake.
Now, what's very interesting is the car,
at the time, that passenger door actually doesn't work.
So what would happen is my mom,
I would drive my mom to get groceries.
Every single time, my mom to get on and off the car,
she had to come on this way.
She had to go on the car first on the driver's seat,
and she had to climb over
and actually do this, right?
to do this in order to get on and off.
Now, this car, it's better 'cause
it actually works on this side,
so I could get out, but this,
this was my first car, this.
(smooth jazz)
So, I want to put in my garage and always,
remember how far I've come,
how hard I've worked
and always remember, all of you watching this,
that it doesn't matter where you came from.
It doesn't matter the mistakes that you've made.
It doesn't matter the roads you've been down.
It doesn't matter.
I don't care where you are
because your past does not equal your future.
You could change it
because sometimes, when it's so far away,
when it happens so long ago,
when you're living your life, day to day,
you don't remember these things,
but every single time I see this car now,
I'm like, wow,
this was who I was.
This is what I was driving,
and also it teaches me
how to be humble, right?
How to be humble and appreciate more
of what I have today
and the people in my life.
So, no, I have zero interests
in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, and things like that.
This is my supercar.
I am more excited getting this,
than a supercar,
and I'll put it here front and center in my garage,
and I want people to know,
and even my friends they see it.
They came here.
I said, "This is what I came from",
from this to the Bentley,
from this to the company,
the brand that we have today.
So, share with me what's your first car?
What is your first car?
And what's your dream car?
What is the car that you would get
if price is no object?
What is car that you would really want to buy?
Comment below.


Dan Lok Buys New Supercar?!

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