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  • Daniel Craig here

  • with some news that you might find interesting.

  • To benefit the United Nations Mine Action Service,

  • I’m teaming up with Omaze and Aston Martin

  • to invite you to join me for something truly priceless.

  • In fact, when you have a grand prize of this magnitude,

  • it can be difficult to quantify the value

  • in dollars and cents.

  • So let’s break it down to something a bit more universal:

  • puppies.

  • For example, your free flight and

  • accommodation in a four-star hotel.

  • That's worth...

  • two puppies.

  • And since you can bring a friend,

  • which equates to doubling those reservations,

  • then naturally the value rises to...

  • four puppies.

  • Simple math.

  • Or is it?

  • Because following your check-in,

  • perhaps some room service,

  • well arrange for a driver to deliver you and your guest

  • to a location I’ve arranged just for this occasion.

  • Six puppies you say?

  • Not a bad guess.

  • But in this case, it’s just one.

  • Sergeant Whiskers.

  • You and I will have a chat.

  • And then I’ll introduce you to this:

  • an Aston Martin Vantage GT Roadster.

  • Customized by me and just for you.

  • For just 10 dollars, this one of a kind Aston Martin

  • could be yours.

  • So click the link on your screen

  • or go to to enter.

  • Because the greatest value of this experience

  • is the number of lives we can save

  • by supporting the incredible work

  • of the United Nations Mine Action Service.

  • And that’s worth all the puppies in the world.

  • Hey.

  • [dog noises]

  • Where'd my puppies go?

  • [laughter]

Daniel Craig here


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ダニエル・クレイグとパピーをプレゼントあなたの新しいアストンマーティン//オマズ (Daniel Craig and Puppies Present: Your New Aston Martin // Omaze)

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