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  • In this American English pronunciation video, were going to go over how to pronounce

  • the wordsqualityandquestion’.

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  • I’ve noticed that the KW consonant cluster can be difficult for some people,

  • so they just make a K sound instead. Soquestionbecomeskeschin’.

  • Let’s study what this consonant cluster should look like in the wordquestion’.

  • Lips come into a tight circle for the W sound. Next we have the EH vowel. Jaw is dropped,

  • tongue tip is forward, and the middle of the tongue lifts. Next my teeth will come together for the S.

  • The tongue tip can point up or down. Here you can see it’s pointing up.

  • Teeth stay together and lips flare for the CH sound. Tongue tip is at the roof of the mouth.

  • Lips relax. We can’t see the tongue, but the tip flaps down for the IH vowel, then

  • right back up for the N consonant. Watch again.

  • Practice that slowly with me. Question. Qu...tight circle! Question.

  • The second syllable, "-tion", is unstressed. It should betion and notchin” –tiontion

  • Flat in pitch, fast.

  • Question. Question.

  • Let’s take a look at the KW cluster in another word, ‘quality’. Also, watch for the Flap T.

  • Lips come into a tight circle for the W sound. The AH vowel.

  • The tongue presses down a little in the back.

  • The L consonant. Here, I make it by pressing the tongue tip up on the bottom

  • of the top front teeth, so the tip peeks through the teeth.

  • It can also be made with the tongue tip at the roof of the mouth.

  • Tongue comes into the mouth and down for the IH vowel,

  • then flips up the to the roof of the mouth for the Flap T.

  • And releases down for the ending unstressed EE vowel as the mouth closes.

  • Practice that with me slowly. Qu-ality.

  • Qu- tight circle!

  • Quality.

  • This is a three-syllable word with stress on the first syllable. So the last two syllables should be flatter in

  • pitch and have less energy in the voice: –ity, -ity, -ity...

  • notice how relaxed the face is: -ity

  • Quality. For the Flap T, the tongue bounces once against the roof of the mouth.

  • It's just like the R sound in some languages. -ra

  • Quality

  • QUE-stion. QUA-lity.

  • Let’s watch them again.

  • I hope this video has made these words easier to pronounce.

  • Here are some more words that begin with [kw] cluster for you to practice with:

  • Quite

  • Quiet

  • Queen

  • Quick

  • Quote

  • Qualified

  • Quota

  • Quit

  • Quiz

  • Quilt

  • Quirky

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In this American English pronunciation video, were going to go over how to pronounce


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KW 子音群 - "qu-"の発音方法 (KW Consonant Cluster – How to Pronounce “qu-“)

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