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  • welcome the TPM vids spotlight series where we take a look at a specific ride

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  • The 2018 season is now underway at the Cedar Fair owned park Canada's Wonderland. There's a lot

  • happening including work that's already begun for the unannounced coaster in

  • 2019 but there's a lot of exciting stuff for the 2018 season. Two brand new rides

  • have been added and the park as a whole is continuing to embrace the idea of

  • Canadian. We started to see this last year with the addition of Soaring

  • Timbers but from the backside of International Festival into the

  • White Water Canyon area it appears to be shaping up into a Frontier Canada

  • section. With the new paint scheme to resemble wooden panels on the Vortex

  • ride vehicles to the new Canyon Trader store, this idea is continuing to evolve

  • especially with the two new rides. The first located in the Whitewater Canyon

  • area is the aerial carousel style family ride flying canoes. Here you'll board

  • your canoe as it lifts you off the ground and takes you for a spin. Now

  • Canada's Wonderland is known for its unique collection of thrilling flat

  • rides and the new thrill ride for 2018 is Lumberjack. Located right beside Soring

  • Timbers this double pendulum ride swings you 360 degrees while reaching heights

  • of up to 75 feet. They did a great job with the theming and it even received a

  • really cool lighting package at night. Lumberjack has a ride time of

  • approximately two minutes and to give you a better idea of what the ride cycle

  • is like, here's the off ride footage of Lumberjacks full ride cycle.

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welcome the TPM vids spotlight series where we take a look at a specific ride


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カナダのワンダーランド2018|ランバージャック新ライド!? (Canada's Wonderland 2018 | Lumberjack New Ride!)

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