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  • Welcome to Speak English with Tiffani.

  • I am Teacher Tiffani and today I am going to teach you How to think in English.

  • This lesson will improve your ability to speak clearly and logically in English.

  • Are you ready?

  • Well then, let’s jump right in.

  • Thinking involves interactions between pathways that carry information from one part of your

  • brain to the next.

  • Simply put, there are triggers that lead to chain reactions in your brain.

  • Let’s look at how this works.

  • When you are driving, you are presented with various signs, colors, and objects.

  • But, when you see the color green it triggers a reaction in your brain.

  • The green trigger makes you think of going forward.

  • The red trigger on the other hand, makes you think that you have to stop.

  • In a study that was done regarding triggers and the brain, it was found that many fast

  • food companies use the colors red and yellow.

  • This is because red triggers appetite and hunger.

  • While yellow, on the other hand, triggers the feelings of happiness and friendliness.”

  • For example, one of the largest global fast food chains is McDonald’s.

  • And what colors do they use for their logo?

  • You got it, red and yellow.

  • That is because McDonald’s knows that red and yellow trigger people to think that they

  • are hungry.

  • But, the truth is all of our thoughts start with some type of trigger.

  • Look at the next few images and see if you can think of the English word that matches them.

  • How did you do?

  • You probably got them all correct, right?

  • You thought in English after seeing the proper triggers.

  • This is the secret to thinking in English You must study with triggers

  • Basically, give your brain more things to connect to

  • And this extends past just simply one word triggers.

  • You must also look for Situation and Emotional triggers in order to think in English.

  • Ok, let’s test out this theory really quickly.

  • Does the English word for this image come to mind?

  • Or do you only know what it is called in your own language?

  • Well, in English this is called a “Tractorone more time a “Tractor

  • So now, this image is a trigger for you to think of the wordTractorin English.

  • Ready for your test?

  • Here we go.

  • Did you get it?

  • Once you saw the trigger, did you think about what it was in English?

  • You did right?

  • Great job!

  • Now, let’s see if this really works with Situational triggers.

  • So, in this image we see two tractors that look like they were in an accident.

  • But, we need an English expression or phrase that we can use so that we can think about

  • this situation in English.

  • The English expression isplowed into”.

  • One more time, “plowed into”.

  • The tractor plowed into the other tractor.”

  • Now, this image has become a trigger for a thought in English.

  • Ready, set, go!

  • Nice job!

  • See, you just thought in English.

  • Finally, let’s check out emotional triggers that will help you think in English.

  • In this image we see someone who is injured.

  • And they are probably feeling lots of pain.

  • So how can we describe this emotion or feeling?

  • We can useMy whole body aches”. One more time, "My whole body aches."

  • After the accident, my whole body was aching.”

  • Now, this image has become an emotional trigger for a thought in English.

  • Tractor Plowed into

  • My whole body aches Let’s do it!

  • Here we go!

  • My whole body aches Tractor

  • Cat Dog

  • Plowed into Water

  • Apple Banana

  • Now start thinking in English

Welcome to Speak English with Tiffani.


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