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  • Ok, guys, it is time to get started with Tableau.

  • Let’s type Tableau public in Google.

  • As you can see the first result we have points to Tableau’s website at

  • I’ll click on the link and this will direct me to the Tableau Public domain.

  • It shouldn’t be difficult to download Tableau from here.

  • If youre wondering why we searched forTableau Public”, the reason is quite

  • trivial.

  • This is Tableau’s free version.

  • If you don’t have a paid subscription for Tableau, this is an excellent alternative.

  • You can practice with most of the program’s functionalities and you don’t have to pay

  • Tableau’s annual fee.

  • So, it is up to youyou can either use Tableau Public for free or pay for Tableau’s

  • desktop version.

  • Both options would allow you to follow along.

  • There are some issues when you want to integrate Tableau Public and programming languages like

  • R, Python, and SQL.

  • To do that, youll need Tableau Desktop.

  • But for now, Tableau Public will do just fine and allow us to practice at will.

  • All I have to do here is provide an e-mail address, and once I have done that anexe

  • file will download automatically on my computer.

  • Let’s open the exe file.

  • This is the standard installation procedure you will find when installing any program

  • out there.

  • I have to agree to Tableau’s terms and conditions, and then click Install.

  • Once the installation starts, I simply have to wait

  • And here we areTableau’s installed on my PC.

  • We are ready to start our journey.

Ok, guys, it is time to get started with Tableau.


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Tableauをダウンロードします。Tableau Publicのダウンロード方法をご紹介します。 (Download Tableau: Learn how to download Tableau Public)

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