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  • Today I am making a batch of traditional mincemeat and some mince pies ready for the Christmas

  • season. For this you will need:

  • Ox tongue, or a leftover Sunday lunch.

  • Currants.

  • Minced apples.

  • Suet.

  • Raisins.

  • Some candied peel.

  • Two boiled lemons, and two grated lemons.

  • Ginger.

  • Pounded mace.

  • Nutmeg.

  • Brandy.

  • Sherry or Madeira.

  • Fine sugar.

  • Some shortcrust pastry.

  • Lord and Lady Braybrooke like traditional mincemeat, so I’m adding an ox tongue. You

  • could add left over Sunday roast or any meat that your budget allows.

  • Nowadays it’s more fashionable not to add meat but were very traditional here at

  • Audley End House.

  • Next the suet.

  • I’m going to add the raisins.

  • And now the currants.

  • As you can see, I’m making a lot. In the lead up to Christmas the shooting season is

  • very busy so well have a lot of visitors.

  • Now it is time for the apples.

  • And the candied peel.

  • It’s a good job Sarah let me borrow this large tub from the laundry.

  • Adding in the inside of the boiled lemons, and the grated lemon peel is really going

  • to give this a wonderful flavour.

  • Add plenty of fine sugar.

  • And two large pinches of salt.

  • And now my favourite bit, the spices. Some ginger, mace

  • and nutmeg.

  • And finally add the sherry and brandy.

  • And now give it a really good mix.

  • It is quite hard work mixing it, but it smells delightful.

  • Mary-Anne, my first Kitchen Maid, has made me some shortcrust pastry.

  • I’m going to use these for the mince pies, but you could use puff pastry if you wanted.

  • Now that it is rolled nice and thin, I cut out the pieces and lay it in an already lined

  • patty tin.

  • Now it’s time to use your mincemeat. Don’t overfill the little pies. And for a topping,

  • you can use either pastry, but I prefer meringue icing.

  • Bake in a moderate oven for about 15 minutes, but keep an eye on them.

  • Now theyve come out of the oven, I can just put them on the rack to cool. Here we

  • have traditional mince pies, with traditional mincemeat.

Today I am making a batch of traditional mincemeat and some mince pies ready for the Christmas


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ミンスパイの作り方 - ビクトリア朝の方法 (How to Make Mince Pies - The Victorian Way)

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