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  • There will be 9 billion people on the planet by 2050 and to feed them will require a 50%

  • increase in agricultural production ....

  • For millennia, farmers have fed the planet. But population growth, climate change and

  • over-farming have drastically changed the industry.

  • Agriculture now consumes 70% of global freshwater resources.

  • Over-fertilisation, meant to enhance a crop’s chance of success, has degraded the Earth’s

  • land and is responsible for major waterway disruptions, such as this dead zone in the

  • Gulf of Mexico that stretches more than 6000 miles across.

  • Modern farms are starting to embrace precision agriculture to ensure growth without harming

  • the environment. It’s a market predicted to be worth 14.1

  • billion dollars by 2026.

  • Companies such as Yara, based in Norway, are helping farms to use data to be more efficient.

  • This water sensor measures the tugor pressure of the leaf, essentially the blood pressure

  • of the plant. The data is sent directly to the central portal which interprets the information

  • and makes a recommendation.

  • Yara claim this can save up to 20% of water.

  • When we talk about making farming more sustainable, one of the premises is to grow more, or the

  • same, with less imputs. And we have a suite of solutions that take geospatial data, weather

  • data, the soil reality, the practices that the farmer has, and help the farmer really

  • find out how much nutrition to put when and where on the field. When exploring what really

  • matters for small holder farmers, so those farmers in Africa and Asia that have a very

  • small piece of land. What they tell us very often, it’s the weather. So together with

  • IBM, we have actually launched 'Farm Weather'. 'Yara Farm Weather' which is a solution that

  • helps farmers find exactly the right weather insights and agronomic advice for their farm.

  • The number of precision agriculture installations has increased to 75 million, up from 30 million

  • over the past few years.

  • We're talking artificial Intelligence, we're talking handling terabytes of data every second,

  • we're talking about the 'Internet Of Things' connecting all tractors in the world. If we

  • can improve farming output per field, we can reduce the amount of land that is needed for

  • the food that we need to produce and thereby reduce carbon emissions, create natural habitats

  • create carbon sinks and increase biodiversity.

  • Farms that have embraced precision agriculture have seen yields rise, energy costs drop and

  • water use fall.

  • Digital farming is a global opportunity. Sustainable business development today means of course

  • building a business that is viable but at the same time it has to serve a higher purpose,

  • doing business with a purpose.

There will be 9 billion people on the planet by 2050 and to feed them will require a 50%


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