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  • Synonymous with love, commitment and devotion, precious diamonds are set on top of over three

  • quarters of all engagement rings.

  • Americans alone spend eleven billion dollars on wedding jewelry every year.

  • But it’s actually a pretty recent phenomenon.

  • Here’s The Real Reason We Buy DIamonds

  • She’s the girl I’m going to marry. Get a load of this diamond ring!”

  • Once a very rare gem, vast diamond reserves were found in South Africa in the late 19th

  • century.

  • Diamond diggers line up ready for the wordgoin the latest South African diamond

  • rush

  • One of many prospectors seeking to make their fortune was Englishman Cecil Rhodes - he formed

  • the De Beers company in 1888, and eventually took charge of much of the diamond trade,

  • including mining, supply and distribution.

  • But diamond sales dropped off during the Great Depression of the 1930s. So De Beers turned

  • to another burgeoning industry for help.

  • In 1938 De Beers commissioned Ad Agency N.W. Ayer & Son with making diamonds a necessary

  • luxury in American lives. De Beersgrip on the supply meant that whoever sold a diamond

  • was likely selling one of theirs.

  • The agency decided they had to convey the idea that diamonds were a gift of love:

  • Men had to be convinced the larger and more beautiful the diamond, the greater the show

  • of love.

  • And women had to view diamonds as an integral part of courtship.

  • But before every wedding must come a preludethat diamond is symbolic of a pledge

  • The agency went to Hollywood, tasking producer Margaret Ettinger with reinforcing the image

  • of the diamond as integral to love - she influenced changing the movie title "Diamonds are Dangerous"

  • to "Adventure in Diamonds" … and she supplied jewelry for stars like Merle Oberon and Claudette

  • Colbert to wear on screen.

  • Ettinger’s cousin, Louella Parsons, was a powerful gossip columnist and also on the

  • payroll - her articles started paying particular attention to the love lives of the stars,

  • featuring well- staged pictures of engagement rings, or focusing on lavish and aspirational

  • jewels like Grace Kelly’s “twelve-karat square cut diamond engagement ring.”

  • They became symbols of upward mobility - anyone could aspire to

  • become like a movie star or a princess with their own diamond.

  • De Beers even managed to get into schools and churches to discuss the history of diamonds

  • - their true intention: sowing the seed with children that diamond engagement rings were

  • a part of marriage and that it was a tradition.

  • By the 1940s, as America’s men went off to war, the number of marriages started to

  • rise.

  • Ayer also used work by great painters like Picasso and Dali in their posters to associate

  • the diamond with a piece of classic art.

  • But it was a simple ad line that was to make the biggest impact -

  • In 1947, Ayer copywriter Frances Gerety came up with the slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever

  • and the association with eternal love was solidified. It’s appeared in every De Beers

  • advert since 1948.

  • It’s since been heralded as theadvertising slogan of the century’. It was so successful

  • Gerety worked on every De Beers campaign until 1970. Shortly after it was immortalised in

  • the Bond film of the same name.

  • What the slogan did was create the concept that a diamond ring would be kept by the betrothed,

  • for eternity, creating a special sentiment but also meaning fewer would be re-sold, therefore

  • increasing the chance for De Beers to sell more, freshly mined stones.

  • Ayer’s copywriters were also skilled in directing consumer spending habits - suggesting

  • a month’s salary was a good amount to spend on a ring, then upping it to two by the 1980s.

  • Over the same period diamond sales in the United States

  • grew from $23 million to $2.1 billion.

  • De Beers and N.W. Ayer & Son’s marketing masterpiece played on our emotions so powerfully

  • that not only were they able to sell us a product we didn’t need but they influenced

  • the culture of marriage.

Synonymous with love, commitment and devotion, precious diamonds are set on top of over three


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ダイヤモンドを買う本当の理由 (The Real Reason We Buy Diamonds)

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