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  • Happy birthday, mister adult man!

  • No, Mom. Gross!

  • What was Dad like?

  • His beard was scratchy...

  • he had a goofy laugh.

  • I wish I'd met him.

  • I have something for you...

  • from your Dad.

  • It's a wizard staff!

  • I wrote this spell

  • so I could see for myself who my boys grow up to be.

  • This spell brings him back!

  • Back? Like back to life?

  • He wanted to meet you more than anything.

  • Holy tooth of Zadar! How did you...

  • I don't know! It just started!

  • Hang on!

  • Dad?

  • There's no top part!

  • Dad!

  • You are in your house!

  • Oh boy!

  • We've only got 24 hours

  • to bring back the rest of Dad!

  • We're going on a quest!

  • All quests start with the Manticore!

  • The fearless adventurer!

  • You mean, Corey?

  • She's over there.

  • Quick! Somebody help me!

  • These griffin nuggets were supposed to go out minutes ago!

  • That's the Manticore?

  • You guys are in trouble, big time!

  • Get in the vehicle! I'm escorting you home.

  • I'm giving you to the count of 3!

  • Okay!

  • Wait, what are you doing?

  • I don't know.

  • Ahh! Son of a...

  • I'm looking for my sons!

  • Oh, they went on a quest!

  • But don't worry, I told them about the map,

  • I told them about the gem,

  • I told them about the curse...

  • Ah! I forgot to tell them about the curse!

  • The what!?

  • Your boys are in grave danger!

  • Hold on!

  • Woaahh!

  • How do your boys do in a crisis?

  • Oh no!

  • We're dead! We're dead! We're dead!

  • Not great.

  • I can't do it...

  • we're not going to see you, Dad.

  • You can do this...

  • I believe in you.

  • My gut knows where to go! Don't you boy?

  • Yes you do!

  • Ahh!

  • I am on my way boys.

  • Just stay out of trouble.

Happy birthday, mister adult man!


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