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  • Happiness is just outside my window.

  • Would it crash blowing 80-miles an hour?

  • Or is happiness a little more like knocking

  • On your door, and you just let it in?

  • Happiness feels a lot like sorrow

  • Let it be, you can’t make it come or go

  • But you are gone- not for good but for now

  • Gone for now feels a lot like gone for good

  • Happiness is a firecracker sitting on my headboard

  • Happiness was never mine to hold

  • Careful child, light the fuse and get away

  • Cause happiness throws a shower of sparks

  • Happiness damn near destroys you

  • Breaks your faith to pieces on the floor

  • So you tell yourself, that’s enough for now

  • Happiness has a violent roar

  • Happiness is like the old man told me

  • Look for it, but youll never find it all

  • Let it go, live your life and leave it

  • Then one day, wake up and shell be home

  • Soon be...

  • Soon be...

  • Soon be...

  • Home, home, home

  • Soon be...

  • Home

  • Soon be...

  • home

  • Soon be..home

  • She'll there be home

  • She'll there be home

Happiness is just outside my window.


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