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  • Now run it since you are a CEO we thought we'd see how well you do at our little game

  • It's called pitch, please

  • So in this game we're gonna try to sell a product like they do on this, you know QVC Shopping Network

  • You won't know what you're selling

  • Okay, okay, but the audience will I'll ask you questions about the product and you have to describe this product with as much

  • convincing

  • Sales pitch. Okay. Okay without actually knowing what it is. Okay. Okay. Yes. You ready for this?

  • I wait but before we start, okay

  • Based on our conversation. I got you a bag Oh

  • For Valentine's Day get her a GUP bag. That's right. Okay now

  • Let's try to sell something. Okay, here's what you'll be selling. Oh

  • Lordy are you ready guys ready? Okay

  • first question

  • How much would you sell it for on goop? Oh, you know something this amazing and and high-quality

  • I think

  • Maybe maybe

  • $75

  • $75

  • Actually sounds about right. All right, can you accessorize it though? What would you oh, oh, absolutely

  • This honestly looks best

  • with something feathery around the face

  • You know something that really expresses who you are so I would say when you're accessorizing with this amazing thing

  • Yes, just go for it, you know

  • What other celebrities could you imagine benefiting ah from something like this? Oh my goodness I mean

  • Every celebrity, you know, I think actually Chrissy would really

  • I assume your husband's a fan of this too. Oh my husband, uh

  • What about when you're alone would you use it oh

  • Yes, but it's also good with others particularly

  • Yeah, yep. I bet it is and how many times a day would you use it? I

  • Mean honestly at least six or seven times

  • What time of day is best any time yes any time

  • For this and when did you start using it yourself? Oh, I mean probably around

  • 12 years old

  • Okay, show me the face you make when you use it

  • Alright ladies and gentlemen, here's what twineth described

  • It's Valentine's Day

  • Now streaming on Netflix we will be right back Thank You glitter hi, I'm Andy

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  • So you can see more awesome videos like videos of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things like ball peen hammer

  • And also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if you're into that sort of thing

Now run it since you are a CEO we thought we'd see how well you do at our little game


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