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  • [gentle piano music]

  • Caggioni: Giovanni is my little brother.

  • And I think is the brother that completes our family.

  • Giovanni was born with congenital cataracts

  • and affected by Down syndrome.

  • At the age of one,

  • he had another syndrome called West syndrome.

  • Now he is not able to speak, and he is legally blind.

  • Disability is a factor,

  • but it's not the thing that defines Giovanni.

  • man singing: Yippie ya ya yoopie yoopie ya.

  • Caggioni: Music is really important for our family.

  • [piano trill]

  • We use music to spend time together with Giovanni.

  • woman: [speaking Italian]

  • Caggioni: He loves it.

  • Because you can feel the music.

  • Sometimes he moves on the swing following the music.

  • [upbeat music]

  • Giovanni was not able to start the music he liked

  • on the devices his friends and our family are using.

  • We tried to address this issue.

  • I shared this idea with my colleagues at Google.

  • We started Project Diva.

  • The idea of Diva is to increase autonomy of people with disabilities

  • to interact with Google Assistant in a nonverbal way.

  • One of my colleagues said, "Maybe we can use a physical object."

  • Giovanni really relies on the sense of touch.

  • When you have that physical object that he's able to feel,

  • this is really important for Giovanni.

  • We started with a button,

  • because Giovanni is good at pressing buttons.

  • So you can connect the button and send the input from the button

  • to the Google Assistant.

  • female electronic voice: The button is set to play music

  • from YouTube Music.

  • [light music]

  • Caggioni: It was really impressive the first time he pressed the button

  • to start music by himself.

  • It was amazing for us.

  • woman: Ciao.

  • children: Ciao.

  • [indistinct chatter]

  • [upbeat music]

  • Caggioni: Now Giovanni is able to express himself

  • with choosing the music he loves.

  • It may help us just to focus on what we are.

  • Just brothers.

  • [gentle piano music]

[gentle piano music]


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DIVA:Google アシスタントをより利用しやすくする (DIVA: Making the Google Assistant more accessible)

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