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  • Hey it's me Destin. So here's the deal. If you watch this video it has

  • the potential to change every day of your life for the rest of your life, however,

  • you also have the potential to think about me, and whoever sent you this video, every day

  • when you're alone and half naked. So I'm going to give you three seconds

  • to think about this.

  • This is one of those things that affects billions of people all over the world

  • but nobody talks about it. At least not in an intelligent respectful way.

  • In 1895 there was a paper published by the London Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

  • by a guy named A. M. Worthington. It had to do with splashes, so after

  • reading that, and looking at some work by a guy named Weber, I got to thinking.

  • Is there a way we can eliminate what's known as a Worthington jet? Or as I like to call it...

  • poop splash.

  • OK if you imagine in your head right now if you were to drop a rock in water,

  • what happens is a cavity opens up and it's air, and all that air

  • has nowhere to go so it slaps back together because there's a discontinuity in pressure.

  • Now if you break it down, surface tension is force per unit length.

  • (Destin) Nice goggles. - (Sister- Briley) Thumbs up for science.

  • (Sister) Sample A. What do you think? (Destin) [laughs] I don't know

  • about you but I have never made anything like that with my body. (Sis) Well I did make

  • more samples, but it just depends on how much tolerance you have.

  • (Destin) What does tolerance mean? (Sis) Tolerance for accuracy if you will.

  • (Destin) I think we need to scrub accuracy and go for more realism.

  • (Sis) Hey Dest I got the uh.. (Destin) What's up? We got number two here?

  • (Destin) Are those beads?

  • (Sis) Technically.

  • 3..2..1.. drop the deuce

  • [music]

  • Pinch the loaf in 3..2..1..

  • What can we do to eliminate this?

  • The answer is, vary the surface tension. All you have to do

  • is grab a piece of toilet paper that's already in the bathroom with you

  • and lay it on the surface. I like to use

  • four pieces so that it touches each side. That way it stays in one position.

  • [music]

  • It totally caught all the bubbles...

  • See that?

  • [music]

  • (Destin) There you go. That fun? (Daughter) Are you potty training big people?

  • (Destin) Yesss. [laugh]

  • [music]

  • Alright. In summary, I hope you don't think we were being rude or crude or anything

  • like that, we're just not that kind of people, we don't uh.. (Sis) Very nice. [laugh]

  • This affected billions of people and nobody talks about it. Why don't they talk about it?

  • I don't know, but you're gonna go home and try it and you're gonna...

  • You're welcome. (Destin) Don't even act like you're not gonna try it. (Sis) What we need you

  • to do is subscribe if you learned, actually, something.

  • - And probably better, send it to your friends to weird them out.

  • Cause I think this is pretty weird. - Me too. - It's pretty weird but it was pretty awesome.

  • - If you would like to click on the cat to subscribe...

  • Can you make that happen? - I can make that happen. - Awesome. Do that! Click on the cat!

  • (Destin) Send this to your friends, word of mouth, so they'll think about you every time they're uh.. (Sister) He's Destin,

  • You're getting Smarter Every Day. That's it.

  • You're making fun of me...

  • [music]

  • [music by A Shell In the Pit]

  • [ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]

  • Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.

Hey it's me Destin. So here's the deal. If you watch this video it has


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