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  • If you're moving to Washington

  • you can find some helpful information

  • on the Department of Licensing's website


  • From the home page

  • just click over here

  • where it says Moving to Washington?

  • You'll find things listed in four simple sections:

  • Get a WA driver license.

  • Get WA license plates.

  • Transfer a professional license.

  • And...Register to vote.

  • Let's start by clicking on

  • Get a Washington driver license.

  • This page explains how to get a license.

  • Here...right at the top

  • be sure to take-note of these two bullet points

  • under the headline "Things to know."

  • The first point says that by law

  • you have 30 days to get your Washington driver license

  • after you've moved to Washington.

  • And that if you're registering vehicles

  • you need to have your driver license first.

  • The second point explains that Washington

  • has different offices for driver licensing and vehicle licensing.

  • You won't be able to get your license

  • and resister your vehicle at the same place.

  • This page also addresses how to establish residency...

  • Deciding whether you want a standard driver license

  • or an enhanced driver license...

  • How to find out if can even pre-apply for your driver license online.

  • There's information here about visiting a driver licensing office

  • and what you need to bring with you.

  • That includes proof of identity

  • and payment information.

  • You'll find a lot of helpful information here...

  • Including when you can expect to receive your license.

  • Now let's go back to the main page for Moving to Washington.

  • This time

  • let's click on the section Get Washington Plates.

  •'ll also find a "Things to know" section at the top...

  • including this part stating that

  • Everyone's situation is different,

  • call a vehicle licensing office to find out

  • what your fees will be

  • and exactly what you need to do.

  • Important information on this page includes

  • determining what type of documentation

  • you'll need for your specific situation...

  • How to submit your forms and payment...

  • How you'll get your plates.

  • There's also information about

  • how to set-up a License eXpress account

  • which allows you to manage your vehicle information online.

  • If you plan on traveling toll roads

  • you can register a Good to Go account.

  • A Good To Go Pass is the easiest, least expensive way

  • to pay your tolls in Washington State.

  • Now let's go back to the main Moving to Washington page

  • and click on Transfer a professional license.

  • The Department of Licensing regulates many professional licenses

  • and you'll find a link to each type here.

  • Now...going back to the main Moving to Washington page once again...

  • Let's check-out the fourth and final link, Register to vote.

  • Here, you'll find helpful information about updating your voter registration

  • which you'll need to do before you can vote here.

  • And there you have it.

  • We hope you find this information helpful.

  • And welcome to Washington State!

  • [music]

If you're moving to Washington


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