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  • 99 years ago, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie gave noted

  • educator Abraham Flexner an awesome responsibility: to investigate 155

  • medical schools from Texas to Toronto and report on

  • where he found outstanding

  • medical education producing world-class physicians.

  • In the end, only one school met Flexner's rigorous standards, Johns Hopkins.

  • Hopkins, Flexner wrote, is quote, the first medical school in America, genuine

  • university type, with well equipped laboratories

  • conducted by modern teachers devoting themselves unreservedly

  • to medical investigation and instruction in which the training of the physicians

  • and the healing of the sick harmoniously combined, the infinite advantage of both.

  • The influence of this new foundation can hardly be overstated.

  • That report revolutionized medical training.

  • Ever since, Johns Hopkins medical students have been trained

  • by outstanding faculty including some 20 Nobel Prize winners.

  • US News and World Report has rated Johns Hopkins

  • as the best hospital in America for 19 straight years.

  • A century after Flexner's findings, medical

  • education is again at a crossroads.

  • Again, Johns Hopkins has stepped to the fore.

  • Our genes to society curriculum premiering this August,

  • represents another quantum leap forward in medical education.

  • It gives students extensive contact with patients from their first

  • day at Johns Hopkins, and creates a framework in which

  • students explore biological issues of health in the context of

  • the social, cultural, psychological and

  • environmental variables facing the patient.

  • But you don't have to take our word for it.

  • Read what our students and residents themselves have to say

  • about the areas of John Hopkins that drew them here.

  • In their words, we hope you'll find answers to many of your questions.

  • We invite you to join them and us in the adventure that is Johns

  • Hopkins Medicine.



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