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Hi I'm Hollie Melding and I study theatre design at Wimbledon College of
Arts and we're currently stood in my degree show space and I have designed a
play called On Emotion it's a strange little play not a lot happens but it is
a snapshot of these people's lives and there is a psychiatrist and his two
children and one of his children has got some form of autism that's never really
specified but he lives in this world of like space and Star Trek and he's
constantly just in his own little world so throughout the play this kind of
looked just weird scenes really where like no one knows where anyone is and everyone's
talking into nobody and everybody at the same time so I designed my set
like I really didn't want it to be naturalistic at all so I made like a
solar system it's like a very vague solar system and in the play there is a
puppet of Mark as a spaceman so for my degree show I decided that I would make the
model box of the set but I also wanted to make the puppet I just really wanted to
like improve my skills and like practice everything that I like was reasonably
good at but wanted to get better at so I made my puppet as well which is hanging above
you and I've also done my technical drawings and then I've also got on display another
piece of work that I did a few months ago called Advice to Iraqi Women which
was a piece written in response to the occupation in Iraq and it's a really
interesting piece is also really quite strange and and that is I've just got my
model box here and some pictures because that happened a few months ago


Spacemen and weird scenes - designing 'On Emotion' - Wimbledon UAL Summer Shows

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 3 日 に公開
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