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  • -Rush Limbaugh, to whom the president recently

  • awarded the nation's top civilian honor,

  • described you as "a 37-year-old gay guy, mayor of South Bend,

  • who loves to kiss his husband on the debate stage."

  • Now, there has been bipartisan criticism of him

  • for those remarks.

  • I wanted to give you a chance to respond if you would like to.

  • -Well, I love my husband.

  • I'm faithful to my husband.

  • On stage, we usually just go for a hug,

  • but I love him very much.

  • And I'm not gonna take lectures on family values

  • from the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

  • I'm proud of my marriage, and I'm proud of my husband,

  • and I'm not gonna be lectured on family values

  • from the likes of Rush Limbaugh

  • or anybody who supports Donald J Trump as the moral

  • as well as political leader of the United States.

  • America has moved on, and we should have a politics

  • of belonging that welcomes everybody.

  • That's what the American people are for,

  • and I am saddened for what the Republican Party has become

  • if they embrace that kind of homophobic rhetoric.

  • When it comes to LGBTQ issues, this is --

  • I think the most important thing

  • is not the treatment of candidates.

  • It's what's happening to individuals

  • and families across the country, from brave service members

  • who have their careers threatened by this president

  • to kids experiencing bullying right now in this climate.

  • We can do better, and you don't have to be a diehard Democrat

  • to know that we can do better

  • when it comes to inclusion and equality in this country.

  • Prejudice is still out there, and you got to deal with it.

  • But I would not have been able to get re-elected

  • the way I did, in Mike Pence's Indiana,

  • if people were not able to look past that.

  • -Have you taken a moment to appreciate

  • the history you've made?

  • -There's not a lot of time for reflection in the campaign,

  • but yeah, there was a moment before we went out,

  • when Chasten pulled me in and just reminded me

  • what this means for some kid peeking around the closet door,

  • wondering if this country has a place for them.

  • And, you know, I didn't set out to be the gay president,

  • but certainly seeing what this means

  • is really meaningful and really powerful.

-Rush Limbaugh, to whom the president recently


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