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Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome onboard this Turkish Airlines flight.
We would like to draw your attention
to the safety information
you need to follow during this flight.
Please stow your hand luggage
carefully in the overhead compartments.
You can place smaller items
under the seat in front of you.
When the seat belt sign is on,
please fasten and adjust
your seat belt as shown.
Keep your seat belt fastened and
visible until the seat belt sign is off.
When needed, you can release it as shown.
Before the flight, extension and
loop belts are given out by the cabin crew.
Please switch your mobile phones and
all other electronic devices to flight mode.
Mobile phones and other electronic devices
without a flight mode must be switched off.
Before take off and landing,
please unplug all your electronic devices.
Smart phones, tablets and other small devices may be held,
but laptops and larger devices must be stowed in their cases
in the overhead compartments or
under the seat in front of you.
If your device is lost or falls into the seat structure,
do not move your seat.
Just call a member of our cabin crew.
It is illegal to smoke on this flight,
including electronic cigarettes.
It is also strictly prohibited to smoke
in the lavatories which are equipped with smoke detectors.
Should there be a loss of cabin pressure,
oxygen masks will drop down automatically.
Pull the nearest mask, place it over your nose and mouth.
Pull the straps to adjust your mask and
keep breathing normally.
Make sure your mask is well adjusted before helping others.
Emergency exits are located on each side of the cabin
at the front, center, and rear.
The exit signs will help you locate them.
Take a moment now to locate your nearest sign,
which may be behind you.
In the event of an emergency evacuation,
leave the aircraft following the exit signs and
the illuminated path along the aisle.
To ensure a quick evacuation,
please leave behind all hand luggage,
high heels and sharp objects.
You will find your life vest attached to your seat as shown.
If needed, slip it over your head,
attach the straps, and tighten it.
When you reach the exit,
inflate your life jacket by pulling the red toggles
or by blowing into the tube or tubes.
The light will come on when in contact with water.
The crew will provide life vests for infants.
Please only put the life vest on your infant
in an emergency situation and inflate it immediately.
Exit doors are equipped with automatically inflating slides,
which the crew will operate in case of an emergency.
Before take off and landing, please make sure that
your window blind is open, your tray table is closed,
your seatback is fully upright.
Please stow your footrest, video screen, and handset.
Thank you for your attention.
For more details, please read the safety card
in your seat pocket.
Make sure you follow all signs and
cabin crew instructions at all times.
Enjoy your flight!


安全な空の旅を!フルCGの機内安全ビデオ (Safety Video - Turkish Airlines)

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