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  • One day, all of the mothers went together

  • to meet Miss Dorothy,

  • their children's teacher.

  • Miss Dorothy, Cussly doesn’t like eating fruits and vegetables.

  • He always fusses when I serve them.

  • ChuChu and ChaCha are the same way.

  • And Chika and Chiku too.

  • Oh dear! Fruits and vegetables are very important.

  • The children need them to grow.

  • I have an idea.

  • Let’s try something that will help the children

  • learn to like fruits and vegetables.

  • Miss Dorothy made an announcement in the classroom that day.

  • Children, everyone needs to bring some

  • fruits or vegetables with you tomorrow.

  • The children listened to Miss Dorothy,

  • and they all brought fruits and vegetables to school the next day.

  • I brought an apple, Miss Dorothy.

  • That’s great, ChuChu.

  • Now let’s have some fun with your apple.

  • Miss Dorothy then carefully carved the apple

  • and turned it into a beautiful swan.

  • The children got very excited.

  • This apple is now swan!

  • Hooray!

  • Chika had brought a mango.

  • He gave it to Miss Dorothy.

  • Miss Dorothy, turned Chika’s mango into a beautiful goldfish.

  • Hooray!

  • Cussly brought some fruits too.

  • I have bananas, kiwis and grapes.

  • Miss Dorothy took Cussly’s fruits.

  • And she turned them into a beautiful tree.

  • Oh look! This tree has a banana trunk,

  • kiwi leaves and grapes as its fruit.

  • Yay!

  • Chiku brought a zucchini.

  • She gave it to Miss Dorothy.

  • Here’s my zucchini.

  • Miss Dorothy, turned Chiku’s zucchini into a friendly caterpillar.

  • Yay!

  • ChaCha brought an orange.

  • He gave it to Miss Dorothy.

  • Here’s my orange.

  • Miss Dorothy, turned ChaCha's orange into a snail!

  • Hooray!

  • Then Miss Dorothy, invited all the kids to eat the fruits and vegetables.

  • Children, we had a lot of fun with your fruits and vegetables.

  • Now you must eat them and have even more fun.

  • The children ate the fruits and vegetables,

  • which made them feel very lively.

  • Mmm mmm! Yummy!

  • Delicious!

  • Miss Dorothy, then told the children more about fruits and vegetables.

  • Fruits and vegetables are very good for you.

  • They are full of vitamins, minerals

  • and other nutrients that make you strong & healthy.

  • So you must eat them every day.

  • That evening all the children surprised their mothers.

  • Mom, can I have some fruits and vegetables?

  • Me too!

  • All the mothers were very happy.

  • Miss Dorothy’s idea had worked.

  • And all the children now enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables.

One day, all of the mothers went together


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