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-I think we have to do well here.
-I need to have a good finish here in Iowa.
-I can't wait to take this vision
to the rest of the country, starting here in Iowa.
But we'll be in New Hampshire, Nevada,
South Carolina, Super Tuesday.
You know that the "Yang Gang" will be here the entire way.
-We share largely similar values,
and our focus more than anything else
on making sure we have the nominee to defeat Donald Trump.
Let's put together the best campaign to beat Donald Trump.
Donald Trump, he's kind of like a Chinese finger trap,
where the harder you pull, the more you get stuck.
-I'm one of only two candidates from the middle of the country,
where we need to win as Democrats.
I'm someone that's won with moderate Republicans
and independents in the reddest
of red Congressional districts over and over again.
-But, of course, the first opportunity to actually prove it
is to turn people out in the caucuses tomorrow evening,
and that's why I'm getting in front of
every caucus-goer that I can.
We're firing up our precinct captains
and the great ground organization that we have,
making sure that we leave it all on the field.
-We were out yesterday, everywhere from the Quad Cities
to Sioux City to Cedar Falls to Beaverdale,
and every place we went, huge crowds, a lot of interest.
But I'm going to New Hampshire no matter what.
-You've been in a pretty consistent sixth place in Iowa.
Never hit double digits in that state.
That kind of finish means no delegates out of Iowa.
After a big investment of time and money --
I think you spent the last 17 days on a bus tour --
can you go on with a finish like that?
-Well, we think we're gonna surprise a lot of people
on Monday night, George.
-We're gonna be good against any of them
because we have a record that the president can run
on of 7 million new jobs, wages going up.
And you see in poll after poll
that you do see people feel good about the economy.
-In the last half-century, every single time
that my party has won the White House,
it's been with a candidate who was new to national politics.
Every time my party has won the White House,
it has been with a candidate who is new in national politics,
who doesn't work in Washington
or at least hadn't been there very long,
and who was opening the door to a new generation of leadership.
-My biggest surprise is how much I enjoy a bus
with my face on it.
My kids love it, too.
I feel like I became a cooler dad as a result.
-We appreciate you coming and taking our questions.
Vice President Biden has yet to do a Sunday-show interview.
-The information about the Bidens is out there,
and so, now it is up to the American people to decide,
you know, was that a good choice
for Hunter Biden to be on that board,
especially at a time when his father
was trying to ferret out corruption in Ukraine?
And Iowa has very smart voters, very educated caucus-goers,
and if they're paying attention to all the dynamics
with the candidates, that might be something
that they would take into consideration.


Ahead of Iowa caucus, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Yang take to TV; Biden, Sanders skip Sunday shows

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