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ANDREW YANG: The reality is the last four years have already been the four warmest years in
recorded history. Even as we're attacking emissions we need to start researching
innovative methods to address climate change.
DREW MAGRATTEN: Andrew Yang has a unique plan to fix the climate and it's unlike anything
introduced so far.
Yang rose to fame as an entrepreneur. Now he believes that innovation and
technology aren't just good for business, they could also solve the climate crisis.
As president, he would refuse to allow anyone with ties to the fossil fuel
industry to serve in his administration. He would also immediately cut subsidies
to the industry as a whole. And he would channel that money back into renewable
job creation and retraining. YANG: Look this does not have to be a matter of cost and
inconvenience we can actually create hundreds of thousands of opportunities
around the country if we make the right moves towards a sustainable economy.
MAGRATTEN: But Yang knows changing politics isn't enough to fix our climate. He wants a 100 percent
renewable electric grid by 2035. Yang wants every new car on the road to run
zero-emissions as early as 2030. Yang would champion charging stations
throughout the nation and invest $50 billion dollars to make it happen.
Yang also wants to tackle aviation by investing billions of dollars
in low emission aircraft fuel and carbon capture technology.
But Yang thinks tech could go even further.
He would build new national labs across the country that
would develop new technologies to help all sectors lower their emissions.
That includes lowering the emissions of the world's expanding data centers.
Yang supports nuclear power, but would replace the fuel used now with thorium.
Yang says thorium has 200 times more power than uranium, is less dangerous,
and produces less waste. He also has some controversial emergency plans prepared.
Plans like launching giant "space mirrors" into the sky to reflect the sun's rays.
Or spraying the stratosphere with aerosols to mimic the cooling effect of
an erupting volcano in the Earth's atmosphere. YANG: In a crisis, all solutions
have to be on the table. And so if you are attacking on one side, you also
should be researching various alternatives on the other and that to me
is just responsible management and responsible leadership.


Andrew Yang's Climate Change Plan

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