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Rap battle
Staff(Smilingboris) vs Your Manager
My rank is higher than you, so you're jealous
You should listen to me or you will died in this place
Without me, you will still sweeping Li Chung's floor
You know half of your job is to let me hit you to the ground
Told you to write in details but you write it in a sentence
What benefits can you get when you are very useless
You play games on your phone but your project is a mess
Your seat smell so bad even Lisa clean your desk
You are new to here so you must follow my words
You are a PT actor and I am director
Knowing how to act good when my boss is here
You are new to me so fall you knees for me
Yo you don't even work but social with my boss
Do the Proposal at midnight 'cause you give me all your work
Shout even I didn't do it, kill me with your screaming
You are mad because you work too much with Hot Pot
It must be your age caused you're 40 years old
You are very old school Still using that system
Wants me to stay Do all work for you
Controlling the power. I'm only a chess of yours
Be your dogs everyday Order me to work
Those useless boss turn my work into a mess
Want to be free by escaping from your hand
You are still alive just because how you talk
I am just a Goddess With lots of work experiences
But not like you Making this party upside down
You can't have this seat without any miracle
Can't pay back the house loan after 20 years
You work all day and night just to play political measures
Or just watch too much Chinese drama , plot each other
Manager Let me change the Dynasty of this company
You better just shut and let the earth keep moving
You better not talk like in front of your boss
Give you a few warnings No more bonus for the end of the year
Being you staff is like traveling on a thief's ship
Be careful of the ship lines is leading you to die
I sit on my sit and wait for my tons of bouns
Want to have break, then wait me back for the trip
You better stay in your sit and leave early tonight
There's a meeting in tomorrow morning. Be on time or Else
You really don't even care your staff's feeling
Chit Chat everyday until work time is over and go
Show off everyday about how powerful you are
You're only just a funny clown in our boss's eyes
You are PT actor and I am director
Yo This is Boris. If you want to see more rap battle, then go to LKFTV's website and support them on their Facebook page. Bye bye


Do office have FREESTYLE? smilingborus [MV]

62 タグ追加 保存
Teresa Ho 2020 年 2 月 29 日 に公開
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