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  • On a cold winter night in 1916,


  • Felix Yusupov anxiously prepared to pick up his dinner guest.

    フェリックス・ ユスポフが 不安げに招待客を迎える準備をしていました

  • If all went as planned, his guest would be dead by morning,

    全てが計画通りに行けば 朝までに招待客は死ぬはずでしたが

  • though four others had already tried and failed to finish him off.

    既に別の4人による その招待客の暗殺計画が 未遂に終わっていたのです

  • The Russian monarchy was on the brink of collapse,


  • and to Yusupov and his fellow aristocrats,


  • the holy man they'd invited to dinner was the single cause of it all.

    招待したその聖職者こそが 全ての元凶でした

  • But who was he,

    しかし それはどんな人物で

  • and how could a single monk be to blame for the fate of an empire?

    なぜ1人の僧が 帝国の運命を左右する 根源となりえたのでしょうか?

  • Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin began his life in Siberia,

    グリゴリー・エフィモヴィチ・ ラスプーチンは

  • born in 1869 to a peasant family.

    1869年にシベリアの農夫の家に 生まれました

  • He might have lived a life of obscurity in his small village,

    1890年代にロシア正教に 改宗しなければ

  • if not for his conversion to the Russian Orthodox Church


  • in the 1890s.


  • Inspired by the humbled monks that wandered endlessly

    彼は 聖地を巡り歩く

  • from holy site to holy site,


  • he spent years on pilgrimages across Russia.


  • On his travels, strangers were captivated by Rasputin's magnetic presence.

    その途上で ラスプーチンの存在に 人々は引き付けられました

  • Some even believed he had mystical gifts of prediction and healing.

    彼には 予言能力や癒しの力があるとまで 信じる者もいたのです

  • Despite Rasputin's heavy drinking, petty theft, and promiscuity,

    ラスプーチンの酒乱 窃盗や乱交にもかかわらず

  • his reputation as a monk quickly spread beyond Siberia

    彼の僧としての評判は またたく間にシベリアを越えて広がり

  • and attracted both laypeople and powerful Orthodox clergymen.

    一般信者も ロシア正教の 高位の聖職者も惹きつけたのです

  • When he finally reached the capital, St. Petersburg,

    ラスプーチンがついに首都である サンクトペテルブルクに到達した時

  • Rasputin used his charisma and connections


  • to win favor with the imperial family's spiritual advisor.

    皇帝一家の霊的な相談役に 気に入られたのです

  • In November 1905,


  • Rasputin was finally introduced to Russian Tsar Nicholas II.

    ラスプーチンは ついに ニコライ2世に紹介されました

  • Nicholas and his wife Alexandra devoutly believed in the Orthodox Church,

    皇帝ニコライと妃のアレクサンドラは 正教だけではなく

  • as well as in mysticism and supernatural powers,


  • and this Siberian holy man had them transfixed.

    このシベリアの聖人に 2人は 驚倒したのです

  • It was a particularly tumultuous period for Russia and their family.

    当時は ロシアや皇帝一家にとって 特に波乱に満ちた時期でした

  • The monarchy was barely clinging to control


  • after the Revolution of 1905.


  • Their political struggles were only intensified by personal turmoil:

    政治的な困難だけではなく 個人的な深い悩みもありました

  • Alexei, the heir to the throne,


  • had a life-threatening blood disease called hemophilia.


  • When Alexei suffered a severe medical crisis in 1912,

    1912年にアレクセイが 重い病状に苦しんでいた時

  • Rasputin advised his parents to reject treatment from doctors.

    ラスプーチンは 医師団の治療を やめるよう皇帝夫妻に進言しました

  • Alexei's health improved, cementing the royal family's belief

    すると アレクセイの健康は回復したため

  • that Rasputin had magical healing powers,

    ラスプーチンには 神秘的な治癒力があると 皇帝一家からの信頼を高め

  • and guaranteeing his privileged place on the royal court.


  • Today, we know that the doctors had prescribed aspirin,

    今では この医師団は血友病を悪化させる

  • a drug that worsens hemophilia.

    アスピリンを処方していたことが 分かっています

  • After this incident, Rasputin made a prophecy:

    この事件の後 ラスプーチンは こう予言しています

  • if he died, or the royal family deserted him,

    「もし自分が死んだり 皇帝一家が 彼を見捨てたりすれば

  • both their son and their crown would soon be gone.

    ほどなく皇子も皇帝の地位も 失ってしまう」と

  • Outside the royal family, people had mixed views on Rasputin.

    皇帝一家以外の人々にとっては ラスプーチンに対する見方は様々でした

  • On one hand, peasants regarded him as one of their own,

    農民たちは ラスプーチンを 彼らの声なき声を

  • amplifying their often-unheard voice to the monarchy.

    君主に届けることができる 仲間であるとみなしました

  • But nobles and clergymen came to despise his presence.

    しかし 貴族や聖職者たちは 彼の存在を嫌いました

  • Rasputin never ceased his scandalous behavior,

    ラスプーチンは 不品行を改めることはなかったため

  • and they were skeptical of his so-called powers

    彼らは 彼の力というものに 疑問を抱いており

  • and thought he was corrupting the royal family.

    皇帝一家に悪影響を及ぼしていると 考えたのです

  • By the end of World War I,


  • they were convinced the only way to maintain order

    彼らは 秩序を取り戻すための 唯一の方法は

  • was to eliminate this sham of a holy man.

    この偽聖人を排除することだと 確信していました

  • With this conviction,


  • Yusupov began to plot Rasputin's assassination.

    ユスポフは ラスプーチンの暗殺計画を 立て始めました

  • Though the exact details remain mysterious,

    詳細は 謎に包まれたままですが

  • our best guess at how it all unfolded comes from Yusupov's memoirs.


  • He served Rasputin a number of pastries, believing they contained cyanide.

    彼は 青酸カリ入りだと信じる菓子を ラスプーチンに出しました

  • But unbeknownst to Yusupov,

    しかし ユスポフが知らないうちに

  • one of his co-conspirators had a change of heart,


  • and substituted the poison with a harmless substance.


  • To Yusupov's shock, Rasputin ate them without ill effect.

    ラスプーチンが食べても効果は表れず ユスポフは驚愕しました

  • In desperation, he shot Rasputin at point-blank range.

    破れかぶれになった彼は ラスプーチンを至近距離で撃ったのです

  • But Rasputin recovered, punched his attacker, and fled.

    ところがラスプーチンは起き上がり 攻撃したユスポフを殴って 逃げていきました

  • Yusupov and his accomplices pursued him,

    ユスポフと共犯者たちは ラスプーチンを追いかけ

  • finally killing Rasputin with a bullet to the forehead


  • and dumping his body in the Malaya Nevka river.


  • But far from stabilizing the monarchy's authority,

    しかし これが君主制の権威を高めるどころか

  • Rasputin's death enraged the peasantry.

    ラスプーチンの死により 農民たちは激怒しました

  • Just as Rasputin prophesied,


  • his murder was swiftly followed by that of the royal family.

    彼が殺されてほどなく 皇帝一家が殺害されたのです

  • Whether the downfall of the Russian monarchy


  • was a product of the monk's curse,


  • or the result of political tensions decades in the making,

    あるいは 数十年にわたる 政治的な緊張の果てによるものなのかが

  • well, we may never know.


On a cold winter night in 1916,



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