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  • The moment has come.

  • Centuries from now,

  • almost all humans have lost the ability to see.

  • Some say sight was taken from them by God...

  • to heal the Earth.

  • For the few who remain, vision is only a myth.

  • But after so many years, the power of sight has returned.

  • What is it?

  • Something's different.

  • The children.

  • They have the ability to see.

  • My children...

  • they have the power that we would call magical or evil.

  • We must protect them.

  • For centuries, we feared this day would come.

  • The evil of light once almost destroyed the world.

  • And now it has returned.

  • Find the children who can see...

  • and bring them to me.

  • Now they will come for us.

  • If we give the babies, they might leave us alone.

  • -No. -I stand with Baba Voss!

  • These children are a gift.

  • They will bring knowledge that will begin a new world.

  • We are family. We are one and we fight as one.

  • I have to keep you safe.

  • The moment has come.

  • It's astonishing how the smallest moment can change an entire world.

The moment has come.


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