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  • (bright music)

  • - People travel from all over the world to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

  • Tonight, we're gonna try our luck via small-group Super Jeep.

  • (bright music)

  • So we're just leaving Reykjavik now.

  • We're on the hunt for the Northern Lights.

  • Our guide is taking us out, we're looking for a break in the sky, we're looking for the right energy, we're looking for the Northern Lights gods to look down on us and show us a little something special.

  • But it's a hunt, that's all part of the fun.

  • So we gotta be patient and diligent.

  • (bright music)

  • - They come on just a brief moment and then they disappear.

  • Sometimes they can be there for like, 10-15 minutes, sometimes two or three hours.

  • It all depends on the activity.

  • - The magic of the Northern Lights can be seen when electrons from the Sun's solar flares react with the Earth's atmosphere.

  • (laughs excitedly)

  • Do you see them?

  • Oh my gosh!

  • It's like moving ever so slightly, it keeps changing position, changing color.

  • I feel like I'm looking at a screensaver.

  • (laughs)

  • What an incredible experience.

  • This has been the perfect way to end this day in Iceland.

  • (bright music)

(bright music)


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レイキャビク発スーパージープで行く少人数制オーロラツアー (Small Group Northern Lights Tour by Super Jeep from Reykjavik)

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