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  • I'm Angela Kinsey and this is "Be Our Chef,"

  • the cooking competition that challenges five

  • food loving families to create delicious dishes,

  • all inspired by our favorite Disney characters.

  • Every bite will be judged by one of Disney's legendary chefs.

  • -You've got a really great balance of texture.

  • -Mmm.

  • -I just love seeing families in the kitchen, cooking together.

  • -Sorry.

  • -It's all fun and games until we lose. Then it's on.

  • -Let's get a move on.

  • -It's gonna be close, yeah.

  • -We gotta get these in.

  • -Oh my gosh!

  • -Aw, it's over.

  • -This could go very wrong, very fast.

  • -Oop! Open fire!

  • -What! Whoa!

  • -I need to keep calm.

  • -This is just, so nerve-wracking.

  • -The competition is fierce.

  • -The winner is...

I'm Angela Kinsey and this is "Be Our Chef,"


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公式予告編|Be Our Chef|Disney+ (Official Trailer | Be Our Chef | Disney+)

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