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(dramatic intro music)
Hey, it's Clay.
And I'm starting at the end.
I've done this before,
but I like to try and do this every now and then,
if there's learning lessons that play out
with the live trading.
And in this one,
there definitely was some learning lessons that did unfold.
And a couple things to just kinda keep focus on, is,
first off, as you I'm sure can tell by the title,
I did make some mistakes.
And mistakes happen.
You can never quite be perfect.
But you just have to accept the fact and keep on trading.
Now, don't go on start breaking a bunch of rules.
And start shooting from the hip, I'm not saying that.
But just stick with the system, stick with the strategy,
and, you know, let the market play out.
And the second part, I made a comment.
And you'll see that I missed out on a trade
because I was making an alert
to the private community that I offer.
And I made the comment, kinda joking around.
Hey, you know what, I missed the trade here.
But hopefully, other members made money from it.
But you know what?
There will be times, because there always is another time,
I mean the community's been around since 2013,
but there's gonna be a time where I'll benefit
from somebody else's alert.
So, yeah, it's a bummer.
But it is what it is.
You know, and within the big picture,
I will benefit from somebody else's alert.
And did I know it was gonna necessarily happen
a couple hours later?
No, I can't say I knew that.
But a couple hours, though, a fellow member,
and as I talk about in the video,
I had to go and do some videos and such.
So, when I did that, I lost track of AGTC completely.
Shame on me.
But, like I said, because of the way the community works,
because I'm surrounded with other quality traders
and other educated traders that understand what to look for,
how to trade, and all that good stuff,
Darth here brought AGTC back to my attention.
And then you can see down here,
what AGTC ended up trading at.
And made, you know, over 500 dollars on it.
So, yeah, I missed out on that alert earlier,
like you'll see.
But on the same exact day,
just because that's how the community works.
You surround yourself with other quality traders,
other people that know what they're doing.
And, you know, right here,
I made more than all my other trades combined.
And finishing the day up by 922 dollars.
So, I'm not, you know, complaining about that.
So, those are the two things that, yeah,
just because you make some mistakes, that's okay.
You're human, you're normal, you're not gonna be perfect.
But just stick with the system.
Keep on going.
And sure I'd love to have you join the community
that I offer.
But if you've been kind of thinking about,
and on the fence,
"I don't know, do I really wanna join that community?"
Then I'd encourage you, yeah, join the community.
Again, hopefully its mine.
But if not, that's cool, too.
I want you to do what you feel most comfortable with.
But these are the benefits of a community.
Ideally, my community.
But if you feel most comfortable with somebody else's,
then definitely go and join their community.
'Cause there are certainly benefits.
As you know, I benefited from it here today.
So, with all that being said,
now you'll see how these opening trades all played out.
But yeah, there's some great learning lessons
coming your way.
So, sit tight and hopefully you do learn something.
Hey, it's Clay at claytrader.com.
This'll be a live trade video where I try to capture
some of my trades as they play out live.
Market opens up here in about ten minutes.
Pretty sure I'm gonna watch Tesla out of the opening gates.
Looking for a break of potentially 498.
And if that can occur,
I'm not gonna say it's gonna for sure gonna go up to 500,
but I like the chances that at least test 500.
So, if it can break at 498 and then get,
you know, head up to 4, or excuse me, 500,
that is a potential two dollar move.
So, there's definitely some profitable opportunity
within that two dollar range.
And then, of course, if it can break above 500,
you know, the potential is theoretically unlimited.
But, we'll see what happens with it.
Like I said, market opens up here in about ten minutes.
All right, the markets are now open.
So, let's see what T--
Wants to do this first opening minute.
Getting a pullback here.
Big pullback.
As expected, Tesla all over the place.
You can see the high right there, 497, 98.
I was looking for a break of 498,
and that's why I didn't wanna get it at that point.
But now that it's working its way back upwards,
that 498 mark becoming much, much more attractive.
But what I wanna see is if the price can kinda recover
from that pullback, which (gasps) which it did.
And, wow, that happened fast.
There was a 498 break.
And it absolutely left me in its dust.
Well, pulling back below it but still there was a good,
almost dollar move.
But needless to say, Tesla is all over the place.
So, I'll keep an eye on it.
Wow, that didn't last very long either.
Still, from a scalpable opportunity,
which is what I'm looking to do,
that was a great move, right there.
But now maybe potentially interested to play
some sort of pullback here.
Like I said, not wanting to commit either way right now,
as Tesla trying to make up its mind
what direction it actually wants to go.
All right, well, I missed the break here of the lows.
But I'm gonna put an order out at 45.85,
to try to play the back test here.
'Cause you don't wanna chase it down, but...
It came back up, but didn't give me anything.
All right, well...
Actually, that move bounced back up,
it hit 45.85 but never filled me.
Yeah, here was...
So, if you're also wondering,
"Hey, how does the chatroom work?"
Here's the alert that, as I was typing up,
by the time I got back over...
So, that was obviously before it was at those lows
and before the breakdown here occurred.
But, you know, just question,
hey, is there a test of lows coming?
And, I was getting ready to hop in,
but by the time I got over here,
not only did the test of the lows occur,
as you've seen, it went way lower than that.
So, oh, well.
Well, hopefully, a member of the community
made some money on it
from the alert,
'cause I didn't, but that's okay.
There'll be more opportunities.
We're only three minutes into the day.
Update here on KSS, it just gets more and more painful.
So, I'm glad I made the alert
so some other people had the opportunity
to make some money on it.
Because this thing just keeps on
bleeding, bleeding, bleeding.
And you saw the alert, so, yeah.
That's how the chatroom works.
I make alerts and sometimes I don't make money.
That's all right.
That was my choice to type it up.
So, I feel, I'll take the moral victory here, right?
The moral victory, other people made money.
But I'll also be honest,
I'm a little bitter that I chose the moral victory
over actually making some money on it.
But, that's all right.
Somebody else will make an alert to me,
at some point in the future.
And they may miss out on a trade.
But I know I'll be able to benefit from it.
So, it's like the circle of life.
All right, LK going again.
So, let's pull up LKC.
All right.
Oh, no share?
Well, yesterday I was able to short shares on this.
Now, you look up here, and not able to short.
So, nevermind on the short sided trade for LK.
I should've noted, if I was able to short, this here,
this is what it looks like if you're able to short.
I'll bring up Tesla.
See how it's, the green E is there.
So, that means I would've been able to short.
But you look back here with LK,
and you see the E is not green.
So, unfortunately, can't short, all of a sudden.
Okay, AGTC just broke above 7,
looking to get short here at 7.25.
Went up as high as 7.15.
So, kinda close.
But we'll see if it can move its way up to, again, 7.25.
For my entry point, I'll keep an eye on it.
All right, Tesla is approaching this 488 point.
Which, I think, it wants to at least back test,
if not break.
So, 488 very important level.
Like I said, I think it'll at least wanna test it.
Ideally, it breaks down through it.
So, it's approaching it, there's the break.
And all out there for 209.
Like I said, didn't have full confidence
that it would get continuation.
But, at least test it.
And you can see right there, it got out at 488.
Well, a very costly screw up.
I don't like shorting stuff like this.
I have no problem saying that.
I'd much rather make is appear as though
I'm some sort of flawless trader, but whatever, I'm not.
And this was, I got way, way too trigger happy.
And I got too stubborn in my trade plan.
I mean, you heard me saying it,
"Well, it's gonna at least retest 488,
"it's gonna at least retest 488."
And it did, and I got out.
So, I mean, I followed my trade plan.
But, you know, I knew better than that.
And I'll show proof of why I knew better than that,
here in just a second.
But, yeah, I messed that up pretty big.
I got too stubborn in my idea, and then, you know,
I got out at 488.
And that thing went another four dollars in my favor.
Now, not that I would've played it perfectly,
but even I'd gotten, I don't know,
let's call it two dollars out of it, like I said,
it went four dollars in my favor.
So, if even if I'd still screwed up half more or it,
I mean, that'd been what?
2,000 dollars?
No, excuse me, 1,000 dollars, instead of 208.
So, don't get me wrong, I'm not a greedy savage.
I'm very happy with 200 dollars in the one minute I made it.
But wow.
So, what do I mean by, you know, kind of,
'cause we'll turn this, well, we'll come back to that.
'Cause right now,
I'm interested in playing the potential back test.
Of 488, 'cause that was a very important level.
So, let me just double check.
So, yes, if it wants a bounce back up to 488,
I would be interested to potentially,
well, actually, what is that level?
Yeah, let's do 488.
Keep in mind, I am looking at things that you don't see
on this screen here.
What is that level right there?
So, like I said, if it doesn't wanna back test up,
I'd be interested again.
Well, just a minute.
What's going on with CVX?
Not Disney, clicked on the wrong thing.
Not CVS, I'm all flustered right now.
There we go, CVX.
What's going on here?
Oh, wow, all right, well, let me get this alerted first.
When I say get alerted, if you're not familiar,
I do offer a private community
that I've been talking about
and I'm gonna show an example of here, in just a second.
All right, well, now it's,
yeah, the five-minute's looking pretty rough.
So, right here, bring over the five-minute.
You can see.
So, the key breakdown is right there.
But, yeah, I wasn't paying attention.
So, I can't say I missed that because I,
it was never even on my radar to begin with.
But yeah, that was the main break.
And now it seems to be consolidating out.
So, nevermind, let's go back to Tesla,
and now it just rolled back over.
So, what do I mean by, well, let me,
so, I made the comment, I knew better.
Again, I stuck to my trade plan,
you heard me talk you through it.
I think it'll at least go down and test 48.
I wasn't quite confident
if it would break through there, though.
Because that was a pretty important level of support.
But I did know better than that.
And how I knew better than that,
Well, I've been talking about this level all morning long.
So, let me grab screenshot here
from the chatroom.
So, if you're ever wondering, "Hey, Clay,
how does this chatroom work?"
You know, this was the alert I made on it
and the time was 9:18 a.m.
So, I point that out just because, well,
I mean, this was well before the market opened.
So, the market opens up at 9:30 a.m. eastern time,
and I specifically said right there,
488 the key flush point.
So, I knew that was a flush point, I knew that.
If it'd break down through there,
it could potentially flush.
And, yeah, it flushed, as I talked about, four dollars.
And, yeah, so, members though, hey, congratulations.
I know a lot of members made money on it.
Hopefully, they traded better than me.
But always be careful that it's a fine line.
Because you do wanna stick to your trade plans,
but I had a much different trade plan
and then I got it stuck in my head all of a sudden
that it'll at least retest 488.
And that ultimately cost me quite a bit more.
Not that I would've captured all four dollars.
I'm not trying to suggest that.
Actually, it went down.
How low did it go on that breakdown?
Went down to 483.
So, that's a five dollar move.
So, not that I would've captured all five dollars.
I'm not trying to claim that.
But, like I said, even if I would've gotten two dollars
of that move, I know that's still a thousand dollars.
Compared to what I ended up with.
So, good little learning lesson there.
Like I said, I don't really like to point those out.
I would much rather have this appear
like I'm some sort of magical, mystical flawless trader.
But whatever, it is what it is.
I'm not.
Traders screw up, I screwed up.
I still made money.
And that's the thing, that's the other learning lesson.
Is you know even if you screw up,
that's why trade plans are so important.
Because the trade plan I had was still a valid trade plan.
It worked out perfectly.
It just wasn't quite the best trade plan
that I probably should've actually had, you know, in place.
Granted, I do have hindsight in my favor.
But, like I said, I've been talking about this 488 level
well before the market opened, well before, you know,
I put on the trade.
But it is what it is, it happens.
And I'm wondering, yeah, I'm just gonna keep an eye on it.
Still very interested if it wants, you know,
bounce back upwards a little bit.
Maybe look to build a short position
into what I think might ultimately roll back over.
But, we'll see.
Well, actually Roku is moving right now.
So, let's see what's going on in the neighborhood with Roku.
Oh, nice.
Okay, actually, I see a nice level.
So, 138.55, would be interested to get some shares short.
Whether or not it gets up there, I don't know.
But it's looking like it's gonna give it a try.
Get this alerted and then--
Oh, somebody already alerted it, nice.
So, it's getting close.
There we go.
So, in for my opening allotment there, at 138.55.
So, let's see what this wants to do.
Pulling back here a little bit.
And decided to just give me the 75 dollars.
What is that low right there, 138?
What is that low?
So, I might be, oh, no, nevermind.
I was gonna say, I'm watching the five-minute chart again,
but it's 10:06.
I mean, and that five-minute chart
still has four minutes before that candle can form.
But, I should stop talking
'cause if this thing wants to get up through 139,
I'd be interested at 139.45.
So, yeah, if this upwards move wants to continue,
I would gladly try to repeat the process all over again.
But I'm not interested from the, on the short side,
unless this thing can at least get up over 139.
But there we are.
30 minutes in, up 284.
As I've already annoyed you enough with,
it should be more than that.
But we've gone over that learning lesson.
So, I'll just leave it at that.
Okay, I have an order at 85.35, BYND.
Okay, and there's my opening allotment.
So, let's see what this wants to do.
And took me out there for 75 dollars.
Let me see, where should my next point be?
Again, I am looking at other things
that you don't see on this screen.
What is that?
So, 85.85.
So there, our, 85.85, next first entry point.
I'd like more than 500 shares,
but I'm also not gonna turn down 75 dollars
in a matter of ten seconds, or twenty seconds,
or whatever that trade was.
I always say, you know, if I was walking down the street
and I saw a 75 dollar bill sitting there and I thought,
you know, it's gonna take me about 30 seconds,
it's gonna take me a minute to pick up that 75 dollar bill.
For me, personally, it's worth my time to pick up the bill.
If it takes me one minute at 75 dollars.
Now, if I'm Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett,
it's probably not worth my time to spend a minute
picking up a 75 dollar bill.
But, unfortunately, I am not them.
So, it is worth my time.
So, again, I'd like more than the 500 shares,
but certainly not gonna turn down that amount of money.
So, there we are, what am I up, 359 now?
We're just about 45 minutes in.
And just to annoy you some more, it should be more.
It should be more, had I listened to the lesson
that we talked about earlier.
But, it is what it is.
All right, well, I'll keep a close eye on this one.
Okay, I have an order at 86.75 here.
Went up as high as 86.67.
So, at this point, just gonna go up to 95.
And we'll see if it can work it's way up there.
I'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up.
Just close where I was at 359.
It's now an hour into the day.
And, I have some other things I need to do.
If you're not aware, my YouTube channel
has other videos outside of these live trade videos.
So, Nate, who is my partner in all this, he's coming over.
And we gotta do some videos and such.
So, point being, I got other stuff to do.
So, it is what it is.
359 dollars in an hour.
Now, if you're interested in joining this community
that I talked about and showed the results of,
of kinda how it works.
Then all ya gotta do is go to claytrader.com/team.
And there's a couple different, you know, pricing options.
Really, the way you look at this
is from an investment standpoint.
Meaning, if I invest 99 dollars for three months access,
do I believe this service can make me more than
eight dollars and 25 cents?
Not per day, but per week.
That's really the question,
'cause that's how the pricing breaks down.
So, if you believe this service can help you make more than
eight dollars and 25 cents per week,
then you will definitely get a great return
on your investment.
So, you can check that out.
A lot of different things about here,
there is the mobile app that comes with it.
So, it's not like you have to stay chained to your computer,
or anything like that.
But, yeah, if you're interested in that,
there's the live chatroom.
There's, I send out my personal scans every weekend.
So, there's lots of good dynamics going on.
Or, if you just wanna continue to watch these videos,
then in order to kinda communicate that to me
in a very streamlined way, just hit that like button.
And leave a comment down below
and then subscribe to the channel.
Because that's always something
that I need to be very aware of.
Am I spending my time wisely?
And if you enjoy these videos, then that tells me, okay,
I am spending my time wisely.
But, in order to communicate that to me,
again, it goes back to hit that like button
and leave a comment down below
and then subscribe to the channel.
So, thanks for hanging out.
Hopefully, there were some good learning lessons here.
Hopefully, you can take to heart that, you know,
you can't always be perfect.
And, you know, sometimes trading plans
need to be wiggled a little bit.
But, overall, it is what it is.
I'm happy with it.
And at least we got some good learning lessons
from the video itself.
Thanks for watching, thanks for hanging out.
And I'll see ya back for the next one.
First off, thanks so much for watching the entire video.
Real quick, before you go,
I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training,
workshop, online event, whatever you wanna call it.
But it will be me, live,
revealing to you what I've discovered
that has allowed me to transform myself
from being an employee to being my own boss.
Including, how I had only one losing day
out of 73 days, in total.
I'm gonna cover three keys that have helped me
unlock profitable consistency within the markets.
The first key is super weird.
But in a productive type of way.
The second key is super awesome
because it, quite literally,
is wired into our DNA, as humans.
Making it very easy to use.
But, in a cruel way,
this becomes a pitfall for many traders.
I'll explain it all, though.
Including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some.
And, yeah, the third key, when you hear it,
sounds way too good to be true.
But it's not.
And I'll show you how it all works.
Then, at the end, I open it up
for a question and answer session.
That is, again, totally live.
Even if you can't make the live session,
please still sign up, as it will be recorded.
And you can go back and watch the replay
that I will send you.
Click the image on the screen,
or click the link down in the description box,
so you can get the date and time and claim your spot.
Which, I should note is limited
due to the fact that this truly is a live event.
If you have any questions, let me know.
If not, I'll be seeing you soon.


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