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  • In this video we learn how we can access Google Docs offline so just open the and

  • make sure you signed in with your own Gmail account and after that just click on the dot

  • icons and click on more and here click on dogs so it will be it will open Google Docs

  • dot now click on the three dot icons in right pane side now click on the

  • settings in here turn on this offline setting now it will prompt for the add Google Docs

  • so click on the add extension I just in here now Google Docs offline has been added to

  • your Chrome so if now we are going to create one new blank document for this sick of this

  • video so this this one is the one text document that I wants to create and now it's a safe

  • so now I am just going to be turn off my Wi-Fi to check its a working offline so working

  • or so just turn off as you seen here now my wife is Wi-Fi star now in if I try to open

  • any website is not going to be open but unable to access docs dot even whatever

  • documents that you want that you have in the dogs you are able to access as a senior I

  • have my complete access of my offline files in the Google docs so this one is the easiest

  • way to access the as a senior even I am not able to access Facebook or any website

  • now on your mobile device just open the drive Google Drive step on it and now go to your

  • document that he wants to make offline so in my case I just want to make this document

  • as offline so I night I need to be click on the three dot icons in the right way inside

  • and select option available offline that's it the same way you can really do the for

  • the other other documents also so hope you like my videos please visit my website and

  • the complete article link is also provided in the main document so if you have any click

  • any query feel free to comment on it and please like to comment and subscribe my channel

In this video we learn how we can access Google Docs offline so just open the and


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googleドキュメントをオフラインで利用できるようにする方法 (How to make google docs available offline)

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