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  • Whether you're an investment beginner, or the next Warren Buffett, successful

  • investing hinges on many factors. Many of these factors cannot be controlled like

  • the performance of the sharemarket and the economy, but there is one important

  • factor that can always be controlled - the costs of your investments. Put simply,

  • every dollar of cost in your investments is one that comes out of your pocket and

  • therefore cannot be used to make you wealthier. Introducing BetaShares

  • Australia 200 ETF or A200. A200 is the lowest cost Australian

  • shares ETF in the world. A200 provides investors with instant exposure

  • to 200 of the largest companies listed on the ASX in a single trade and charges

  • an ultra-low management fee of just 0.07% per annum

  • that's just $7 for every $10 000 invested

  • Do lower investment fees really make a difference? You bet! Here's a simple example of fees

  • in action - Meet Pete, he's just getting started in investing and has managed to

  • save $10,000 to invest in Australian shares. Now let's assume that Pete's

  • investment return is 5% per year and he's looking to take out his money

  • after 40 years that's the average investment timespan for a new investor

  • If Pete pays the average fee for Australian shares funds 1.55%

  • per annum over a 40 year period, his initial $10,000 would have

  • grown to be worth a respectable $38 835

  • Not bad you might say? But if Pete had paid A200's 0.07% management fee

  • instead and assuming the same 5% return every year, his initial

  • $10,000 nestegg would be worth $68 547

  • or a whopping 77% more

  • A200 provides investors with the opportunity to pay less for exposure to

  • Australian shares, which as you can see, can sometimes mean a whole lot other

  • than the ultra low fees A200 also aims to deliver many other benefits for

  • investors which include: Portfolio Diversification - In a single ASX trade, add

  • 200 of the largest ASX listed companies to your investment portfolio.

  • Transparency - View the portfolio holdings of A200 whenever you'd like via BetaShares website

  • Simple access - A200 is an ETF, so you can buy and sell A200 in the same

  • way you would a share during the trading day using your online brokerage

  • account or financial adviser. So while you can't control what the markets do,

  • you can control how much you pay in fees. The BetaShares Australia 200 ETF (ASX: A200)

  • Available now on the ASX

  • Find out more at

Whether you're an investment beginner, or the next Warren Buffett, successful


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ベータシェアーズ・オーストラリア200 ETF (ASX: A200) |ASXで利用可能 (The BetaShares Australia 200 ETF (ASX: A200) | Available on the ASX)

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