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  • [ Music. ] [TITLE: ETFO ACTION on Violence in Schools.]

  • [ Female Teacher ]: Hi, I'm Jane and a grade 4 teacher

  • and ETFO member.

  • I'm visiting the Provincial Office

  • and have big news to share -

  • ETFO has a multi-year strategy

  • to address workplace violence in schools.

  • And I'd like to tell you about the important roles

  • that we educators have to make sure violence is reported.

  • Under current legislation, school boards, principals

  • and ETFO members have legal responsibilities

  • when it comes to reporting procedures for violence in schools.

  • Which means, ETFO members are required

  • to report a violent incident,

  • whether the physical force is actual,

  • attempted or threatened.

  • One of the first steps is to complete and submit

  • the school board's workplace violence reporting form

  • as soon as possible.

  • If the incident is also a serious student incident

  • under the Education Act,

  • you have to do the same

  • for a Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form.

  • Remember, if you're blocked in any way

  • from getting immediate assistance,

  • reporting an incident or getting action,

  • call your ETFO local or contact PRS

  • here at the Provincial Office for support.

  • Your principal must investigate

  • and deal with your report.

  • These actions can include

  • An assessment or reassessment of the risks of violence;

  • Development of a safety or behaviour plan

  • in consultation with affected staff;

  • Progressive discipline for a student;

  • Or a review of emergency response procedures

  • including police contact.

  • If you become injured or ill due to workplace violence,

  • complete and submit your school board's injury

  • and illness reporting form.

  • And don't forget to get medical attention if it's needed.

  • You should also be aware that you have a right to know

  • about a person with a history of violence in your workplace...

  • that is, if you can be expected to encounter that person

  • in the course of your work,

  • and the risk of violence from them is likely

  • to cause you physical injury.

  • Your school board and principal are required

  • to provide you with as much information

  • about this person as is reasonably necessary

  • to protect you from injury.

  • Finally, we each have the legal right to refuse work,

  • or part of our work,

  • when there is a reason to believe

  • that it's likely to put ourselves in danger.

  • Keep in mind that a teachers' right to refuse work

  • must take into account the safety of students.

  • Before refusing work,

  • you should really seek the advice of your local.

  • If you believe you're in danger, get immediate assistance

  • and report your concerns to your principal right away.

  • I think we all realize it's going to take time to ensure

  • every principal and school board is doing their part.

  • In the meantime, contact your ETFO local

  • or the provincial office for further support.

  • We should all know our responsibilities and our rights.

  • Learn more through ETFO.

[ Music. ] [TITLE: ETFO ACTION on Violence in Schools.]


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ETFOが学校での暴力行為への取り組みを開始 (ETFO Takes Action on Violence in Schools)

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