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  • Do you know who you welcomed into your home?

  • Leanne? Leanne Grayson?

  • Hello, Mrs. Turner.

  • -Hi. I'm Sean. -Pleased to meet you, Mr. Turner.

  • You have a beautiful home.

  • She is a godsend.

  • I was expecting someone... older. Less weird.

  • We hope you'll treat our house as your home.

  • I'm sure you and Jericho will form an instant bond.

  • She's cool with everything?

  • She knows the situation?

  • I guess we should talk about this.

  • She's gone. You can put the doll down now.

  • I'm fine as I am, Mr. Turner.

  • We lost Jericho when he was 13 weeks. Dorothy took it hard.

  • This is the only thing that brought her back.

  • I should take Jericho for his walk now.

  • You hired a nanny? For a doll?

  • Where did you find her?

  • She is wonderful with Jericho. And if my baby trusts her, so do I.

  • How much did those boys tell you about what happened?

  • What if she wakes up?

  • What if she remembers?

  • Do you know..

  • who you welcomed into your home?

Do you know who you welcomed into your home?


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サーヴァント - 公式予告編|Apple TV+ (Servant — Official Trailer | Apple TV+)

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