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- [Annoying Orange] Op pai!
Oh jeez, don't lose your head.
(electronic upbeat music)
Hey yo, back in with another game video.
Back with the buddy.
Yeah, we're continuing the power of god, zah!
Gettin' those frogs legs.
Look out!
It's raining frogs.
Hallelujah it's raining frogs.
Come on buddy, hop to it.
Don't you like the frogs?
Ah man, the frogs splatter when they hit the ground.
Oh yeah buddy, you love it.
It's fun.
Dancing in the rain.
Dancing in the froggy rain.
Aww no, buddy croaked.
Oh boy.
Alright, let's see what we have next.
Oh just went over there.
Wake up buddy!
Brap, yeah!
Just like new
to torture once again.
Hoh, wabba!
Oh I am not gonna use something else.
Oh buddy, it's too hot to handle.
Oh sizzly.
hababa yeah.
Uh look at that, I think it's glowing on the bottom.
Holy moly, I'm just gonna keep pour it.
It's still hot to goin'.
- Call the ambulance.
- [Annoying Orange] No, I can't call the ambulance.
I can only wambulance.
Wow so cool.
Yeah you got the hot lava bed.
That's the best bed that you can buy.
Get that a bad back and beyond
the volcano.
Bad back and beyond the volcano.
I think that's a store.
We should open that store.
Uhu where are you buddy?
Oh buddy toast his bun.
Huhu love it.
I think lava might be my favorite.
My favorite so far of all the different
things you can use.
Halava yeay yeah!
- What's wrong with you?
- [Annoying Orange] You, what are you talking about?
What's wrong with me?
I just love hot lava.
You should join the club.
Hot lava, where is at, yo?
Alright, what do we have next?
- Oh my god, I think I'm burning.
- [Annoying Orange] You, owh use it when, okay sorry.
I thought you were knocked out.
That's why I up.
Thrown you away so you stop smokin'.
Stop smokin'!
How do we put the fire out?
oh my goodness.
- Mama.
- [Annoying Orange] Wah, how'd you call your mama?
You crazy.
Maybe mama can bring a fire hydrant
so you stop smokin'.
now, you're dead again.
What happened?
Ah buddy, you're crazy.
There we go.
I say get better than the game does.
Oh yeah, shooting stars baby.
Shooting stars give you scars, right?
Buddy, you're a great big shot of star.
Uh we're having a blast.
Buddy don't worry about it,
you're the star of the show.
Flame on!
I shoot him right up at the head.
Mama girl knocked you out.
The stars gonna knock you out.
Sorry gotta hit by a star
and got knocked out.
I didn't plan it.
Oh he's gonna start on fire?
Okay okay, the fire went out.
You're good to go.
Yeah, what's next.
Uh retro fireball.
Wow cool.
Hadouken, douken, douken, douken, douken, douken!
Hadouken, hado, do, do, do, do, doken!
(multiple exlposions)
Wow this is crazy.
Buddy are you okay?
Ahhh fight fire with fire, right?
That's what they say.
(multiple explosions)
Fight fireball with fireball.
Whatcha' doin' sleepin' on the job?
Your job is supposed to be gettin' hit
with fireballs.
We're having a blast over here,
couldn't sleepin'.
So it's sleepwalk.
Well, that fireball is almost as big as you buddy.
Alright let's kick the crystal ball into action.
Uh what's happening?
Uii what the?
Whoa it's black holes again.
Whoa there you go.
Uh ow owh.
Now what's happening?
Em wow my goodness.
Ow man, buddy I'm sorry,
this really blows.
And that's suck.
Buddy doesn't realize the gravity
of the situation once again.
Oh that's cool, just cycle through
the different powers.
Whop, ice to meet you.
I broke you.
Here we go, here we go uh uh.
Here we go, here we go.
What's happening?
What's next?
What, ow buddy.
You're like your head in the game.
What is going on?
Wow I'm gonna call you buddy Skullington.
Yeah give it a rest, that would be awesome.
Ow man this is so cool.
What's next?
Ah back to the gravity.
Ba brap ba ba ba bap.
- I'm dying.
- [Annoying Orange] No you're not.
You're just havin' fun.
We're having a ball with that crystal ball.
Could you mind head.
Oh wow, the crystal ball can go to the black holes too,
that's awesome.
Alright, start one more.
Okay, just gonna cycle to the same step
we should definitely move on
and see what's next.
Alright rude boy, what's we
oh hot spring.
We're gonna spring into action.
Here we go.
Yeah wow, cool!
(water splashing)
What are you thinkin' rude boy?
Splish splash you are takin' a bath.
All of it from some hot spring yeah, uh.
You like my song, it's pretty good.
Let's see how many we could,
okay looks like we could do three or four,
oh four at the same time.
Yup, four at the same time.
Wow, suffix of pori.
Buddy you're all wet.
Come on and spring into action.
What what!
Wow that's crazy.
can't hear you.
Overall it's awesome.
- That's better.
- [Annoying Orange] I know it's better.
It's so good.
Buddy you're all washed up, right?
- Wanna trade places?
- [Annoying Orange] Nah ah, you gotta
let's meet the genie.
Okay rub the lamp.
Hit it with your butt.
Oh oh, oh oh.
Wow greenie mean genie.
Except he's not green.
Well I'm still gonna call him greenie mean genie.
Alright, which one should I pick?
We'll chose this one.
Oh oh, well.
- Oh please god, not me.
- [Annoying Orange] Wahaha he bumped you.
Alright, uh he's showing his armpits.
Okay we gotta follow them.
Ow already lost it,
I wanna get some of that money, honey.
Alright let's see, is it this one?
Aw it is the same one again.
Wow aw no, this really rocks, doesn't it?
Dancing on the rocks.
Alright, who wants a buddy on the rocks?
Oh he's showing his armpits again.
Okay pick that, op I think I still got it.
Yup okay I'm gonna choose this one.
We got that cash money, uh honey.
We gotta catch up, oh nice armpits
you got there buddy.
Little stinky, little stinky.
Genies never heard of deodorants.
Yeah, gettin' that money.
Ow yeah, gettin' on that cash.
Okay, let's see if I can get the skull one this time.
Yeah oh there, there, it's on the left,
now it's on the right.
Okay let's look it, on the right.
Yeah, you know I'm right.
Op pai, wow!
Oh jeez don't lose your head.
ow meanie green genie, why did you do that?
Alright buddy, wake up.
Wake up!
Takin' up the trash, you know what it is.
That's the gorgon.
- Ah put it back.
- [Annoying Orange] No you're gonna meet Medusa.
Uh sneakady snakes.
What's gonna happen.
Auh, ow!
Buddy is just as dumb, throw away!
Ow broken!
Buddy call the pieces.
okay stop it,
stop making that noise.
You're so loud.
Why are you gotta be goin'.
(making weird noise)
Buddy, wake up, wake up
you gotta turn into stone.
Aw gotcha.
what a smashy good time, right?
I didn't mean to crush your dreams.
Medusa's like she's chocking on a jawbreaker.
okay let's go the hallelujah.
Ah hallelujah!
Ow did the angel punched you in the booty or what?
Here we go, one more time.
Okay let's see
I wanna put this on your head.
Ow turned you into stone.
I wanna give ma Medusa head.
Ow the snakes say that really bites.
okay plantus predatus is next.
But not before we do hallelujah.
Hei and buddy's back once again.
Alright, plantus predatus.
It's the last one.
Wow cool.
Looks like will chop a horse.
Venus fly trap.
Ow man, well at least you weren't around when
we went to the bathroom.
You know, venus fly crap.
Do that dance.
Wake up, oh oh.
Oh oh he's ready.
Oh okay, let's get him.
Ahah he's eating, he's not even awake yet.
He woke up after that he's gettin' eaten.
That was awesome.
Here we go buddy.
Uh wi here it is.
- No.
- [Annoying Orange] I know you really want
this plant to leave you alone.
Not gonna happen though.
That's what happens when plants have sharp teeth.
They eat you.
Don't you know this?
it's just common sense.
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh.
Buddy, buddy.
Ah I'll run if I were you.
Oh ah, op oh oh,
oh you might get nibbled.
Careful, you might get nibbled.
Buddy, it looks like you're the tasty treat
he loves to eat.
And now he's snoozing.
Buddy ain't losin'.
That's for sure.
ow he's ready again.
Oh no no, buddy, don't wake up.
Don't wake up, don't do it.
Don't do it.
Oh no!
Uh that was amazing.
He didn't even give you a chill that time.
Alright guys, well I'm gonna get going.
Thank you so much for watching.
We gotta do another category.
We did all the one in that category so far.
So thank you so much for watching.
Make sure to do everything, gonna make more
popular videos on you next.
Still checkin' the game.
And till next time.
Hello there appetiters.
(electronic upbeat music)


Kick Buddy: POWER OF THE GODS! #2 [Annoying Orange Plays]

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林宜悉 2020 年 2 月 26 日 に公開
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