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This is part two on how to get income on our Stock Market series
For those who are asking
on where to invest
As of now, I only recommend
and suggesting
is stock market
For you to buy stocks
like Jollibee, ABSCBN,
You need to have a stock broker
like online stock broker
You cannot go directly
to Jollibee and ABSCBN
to buy stocks
In this video
I will share a few of my knowledge
on how to open account on COL Finacial
It's an online broker
To open an account
There are two steps
You'll go directly to their office
then you'll fill up a form and submit an ID
then you can also pay there
Step 2, you can do it online
even if you don't go to their office
Thr advantage of going directly to COL Financial
on their main building
or their satellite offices
is it's faster to open
Once you got there
you'll fill up
then you can fund your account there
in one to two days
you'll have your account ready to use
For online, it's a bit longer
it'll take you about 3 days
or 7 days up to one month if you're abroad
Let's go to frequently asked question
How much is the registration fee to open an account?
There's none
You just have to fund your account
For example, 10k
If you funded your account for 10k,
you'll have 10k there
and that 10k
can be used to buy stocks
there's no registration fee
You'll get the whole 10k
Step 1 is to choose your account type
Starter, COL Plus, COL Premium
Their minimum investment has changed
it was 5k before
now it's just 1k
Disclaimer before we start
I am not an expert when it comes to stocks
I just sharing knowledge that you can earn here
and this is a good investment
If you're looking for more detailed information,
there's a lot of Filipinos on Youtube better than me
Step 1 is to choose your account type
Those types doesn't have anything to do with charges
COL Starter, minimum investment is 1k
meaning, you'll fund your account 1k
it was 5k before
and now, it's only 1k
But I am suggesting
to initially invest around 10k
when buying stocks,
it should always worth 10k
because there's a charge
when buying stocks amounting 1k
and the charge of buying 9k worth of stocks
is just the same
for you to maximize the charge
it's better to buy stocks worth 8k to 10k
For COL Plus, the minimum investment is 25k
COL Premium is 1Million
This is for our millionaire viewers
What's the difference between COL Starter and Plus?
In COL Plus,
These prices
bids and offer volumes
it's not real time
it changes ever 5 to 10 seconds
These that are highlighted in blue
are changing values
that's for COL Plus
In COL Starter,
it's just steady
It'll only update if you click update
The page will refresh
that's the only difference
If you're planning of long term investment
choose COL Starter
I don't know about COL Premium
because I don't have a million to open an account there
If you open your COL Starter account
that 1k minimum
you can still upgrade to COL PLus
that's for free
In my experience
when I opened an account
I initially deposited 13k
That's COL Starter
because it's 25k here
I invested another 10k, then another 10k
My balance is now 30k
My current balance is 37k
I just emailed them
to have my account upgraded
That's for free
Once you reach 25k as your balance
on your equity value
or the total deposited amount
just email helpdesk@colfinancial.com
But if you are not an active trader
COL Starter is okay
Second step is to fill out application form
click on download all forms
Just fill this up correctly. Fake details are prohibited
Don't be afraid of the form
There are no scientific questions there
like any about photosynthesis
that's just your information
to register in online brokers or other brokers,
you need a TIN
Tax Identification Number
You'll not be able to register if you don't have one
It's not hard to get one
Just go to the nearest BIR
then get a TIN
Tax Identification Number
I'm not sure if you can get one online
I got mine directly from BIR
Manila Intramuros
That's way back 2012
Fill it out correctly
Scroll down
You'll enter your bank account here
When you withdraw
your available funds
they'll send it to your registered bank account
Mine is BDO
Branch is Valenzuela
then the account number of your bank
It's not allowed to use someonelse's account
even if it's your mother or sister
it should be under your name
If you don't have a bank account
I have a video about the easiest bank account to open
it's on the card on top
or in the video description
EON Union Bank
Email address is also important
It should be your active email
They are sending important messages there
if there's an error
or you have a notification
and you need to do something
they'll send it to your email address
and also if you change your password
so that's also important
Individual Disclosure form
you also need to fill that out
that's just about your citizenship
if you're living in the US
or you're a green card holder
Once done with the form
You need to submit a print out
to their office
Scanned document is not allowed
It should be a hardcopy
with your signature
You'll submit it to COL Financial Office
You can send it through express
like LBC
or whatever courier you have
Before you send this form
Scan it first
or take a picture of it
Take a photo of customer account information form
and the indiviadual disclosure form
then send it to helpdesk@colfinancial
for them to check your form if there's something missing
or something you need to change
or needs correction
Send it here
but you'll not get registered yet
you'll just have them check it
if you send it right away
without double checking, there might be a mistake
you'll send another one then
if you're abroad, you'll send another form
that's much of a hassle
The online security trading agreement
should be read and kept by the account holder
it's on page 4
online securities trading agreement
You'll not send it back to them
You just have to read that
and keep it
Prepare additional requirements. Filipino Citizens
Photocopy of 1 valid government issued ID
Photo and signature must be clear
I used my passport for this
or my SSS ID
I can't remember but it's one of those two
When you're abroad
you don't need to send your passport
or your SSS ID
it's just a photocopy
Minimum age to register
is 18 years old
If you're below 18 years old
You'll fall under in trust for accounts
Step 4 is submit forms and requirements
Submit everything you filled out
it's up to you on how you want to send it
You can use LBC
whatever you preferred
This is the address of COL Business center
Once they receive it
You'll just schedule a live interview
The interview is not hard
they'll not ask you about why should they hire you
Just an interview
to confirm that the ID
it's like KYC
where you'll hold the ID you submitted and show them
that it's really you
and you own the ID
then maybe some questions
I didn't go through that
because I went personally to their office to open an account
They'll gice you instructions via email
After submitting the form
and interview
They'll give you COL account number
Don't ever forget that
because that'll be your username when logging in to your account
next step
is you need to fund your account
Mine indicates 5k pesos March 26, 2018
when I visited their website now
Today's October 9
it's only 1k pesos
You may now open an account for only 1k
to fund your account
you can do via online bills payment or online banking
Over the counter,
bills payment
You can go to the bank
then fund your account there
COL business center
you can go directly to their office
They also have overseas remittance
The easiest one is online bills payment or online banking
every bank
has own instruction
online bankings differ
You can read BDO online banking instructions
This is a sample for BDO
I use BDO too
I also used this
on my next deposit
I used BDO online banking
It's fast
in my experience, it's within the day
and I receive it n my account
If you don't have a bank
when withdrawing, you can ask for a cheque
and once they receive your deposited amount
it can be the minimum or more than that
you'll receive an email
Congratulations, your account has been activated
below are your login details
your username and account number is there
it's just the same
then they gave you a COL password
You'll use that when you login first time
go to their website
then use the credentials they gave you
if it's your first time to login
it will prompt you to change your password
change it right away
make sure to use strong password
don't use your facebook account's password
or email address
because if your Facebook or email got hacked
Your COL account might be at risk too
Don't use your birthday
your spouse's birthday
or spouse's name
they're jst easy to guess
don't use them as your password
Next option is to go to their office
I prefer this
because I can go directly to their office
and I was able to complete the form correctly
and pay them too
To go there, the easiest transport is taxi or Grab
Just tell them to bring you to Philippines Stock Exchange in Ortigas
That's the easiest
but a bit expensive
if you want a cheaper one
I rode MRT
then drop off at shaw blvd
then ask around on where I can ride a jeepney
going to stock exchage
This is where you'll drop off
it's a 3 minute walk going to jeep terminal
then ask for the one routed to Philippines Stock Exchange
Ask before riding
because some jeepneys there have a different route
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appreciated it
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Thank you for watching
See you next time


1k Minimum investment - Paano mag Register sa COL Financial - 1st step sa Stock Market for Beginners

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