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In 1930, in North Corbin, Kentucky, one man had a dream,
and that dream would become the greatest fried chicken franchise in America-
nay, the WORLD. It's eaten in Japan for their Christmas dinner!
Santa Claus hops down the chimney with a big old bucket of chicken. (chicken clucks)
Today, I will attempt the impossible
and I will taste EVERYTHING that KFC serves at its fine chain establishment.
Whoaaa, it smells great in there! (What have you gotten yourself into)
(Try Guys theme music)
(chicken clucks) (singing) La la la
I don't have every single thing you could purchase by line, but everything they sell is represented on this table.
Sometimes it's in three-piece meals, sometimes in a bucket, you get it. We don't need to double dip here.
It's improper when eating fried chicken (very funny).
I don't have a bucket today, because this food actually already comes in buckets, so there's no need.
How about we start with something they've been selling for a long time, but I've never had.
The pot pie.
Warm yourself from the inside.
Ohh, cryptic~. You're about to embark on a journey that will end with you eating a handmade pot pie.
Won't the journey begin with me eating a pot pie?
Also, I'm not drinking a sweet tea, I'm drinking a-- what is it?
Nothing says Kentucky like mango fiesta.
Oh God!
Also, we're gonna rate all this food on how finger-licking good it is. One finger-lickin' or five finger-lickin'?
Wow, I'm about to cry, it's so good. I am not even using my fingers this is ten fingers good.
There's so many fingers.
It's like I'm making out with the colonel. I don't think Kentucky would approve of that.
Wow there's so much text on this box. And it's so funny, it says "dreams do come true." You're right!
They're so funny, more like Kentucky Fried Chuckle! (chicken clucks)
"Enjoy my freshly prepared food then hey, free box!"
This is chicken... wings? (chicken clucks. again)
They sell chicken wings?? (bell dings)
Why wouldn't they? It's the same thing. Ooh they're a lil spicy, pretty tasty. Let's crack open this ranch.
(sound of wrapper opening) A-S-M-R-A-N-C-H
Woooah! We're Marilyn Monroe-ing!
That's a nice amount of heat, I'm sweating a little bit. Like three and a half finger-licking goods.
We got another box! "Made with delicious chicken but named after popcorn, that's marketing gold, folks."
K-F-Chuckle gets me again!
This one tastes the most processed.
They have this finger-licking good sauce, I have no idea what it is. Oh my God!
Wow, what a complex sauce.
They're not bad, I'm sure kids like these and they're a great vehicle for sauce.
Ladies and gentlemen, everybody's favorite Zach Kornfeld!
Zach: Am I the first guest? Keith: You are the first guest.
Zach: Wanna do our theme song? Keith: Yeah.
Zach and Keith: (singing) Here comes the man in black~
Zach: That's not our theme song!
Zach and Keith: (singing) K-F-C la la la!
Zach: What's happening over here? Keith: (stammering) It's just-it's just-it's just-it's just-
Zach: It's just been happening? Keith: Even the table gets bloated when you eat fried chicken.
Keith: Try the sauce, you're about to freak your butt apart.
Zach: My butt! Stop it! Keith: See? See?
Keith: Potato wedgies.
Keith and Zach: Cheers.
Keith: That's really good. Zach: Oh, yeah.
Keith: Yeah great crispiness. Zach: Oh, yeah.
Keith: The potato is super fluffy inside. Zach: Oh
Keith: My God.
Zach: I think it's worth going to KFC just for this. Keith: Here, try this drink.
Zach: What is happening!? Keith: It's a real drink they offer.
Zach: Bye. Keith: Bye!
Zach: Thank you! Keith: You're welcome!
Next! Ooh! What do we got here?
Original. Recipe. This here folks is what started it all.
Mmm very fatty, look at that dark meat just oozin'.
And try this drum in here just to check out the drum. Oh, yeah, (chicken clucks) four finger-lickins.
Oh my God! It look, it's the food for children! So we got a little chicken little sandwich, some mac and cheese,
squeezable apple sauce. It's been in the same box. So guys this apple sauce is a hundred degrees.
It's better than the drink.
I need the uh- the spork.
Oh, can we look at this? Hold on-
See what I'm seeing? They changed it, it's like a rectangular foon. Things change.
It does the job. It's not amazing, but it's not bad at all.
One to three fingers, depending on how much you like mac and cheese.
The real thing that matters here is the chicken little. This is a little chicken sandwich for children.
I wanna be honest, I would recommend you not get this.
I think if you're taking your kid to KFC just buy 'em a bucket, who are you kidding?
Yeah, this is no bueno.
I'm sorry, I'm stuck in Taco Bell land.
Oh, that is not brisk, baby.
KFC's got a lot of 'em and I've never had any of 'em.
Well, I have one of the old slider ones and I did have one of the kids menu a moment ago.
But other than that, I've never done it.
Feel like you have to pit these sandwiches against one another,
How could I do that alone?
I would only be able to have a little chicken competition with the one and only, Chris Reinacher!
Chris: Heeeeey!
Chicken watch baby! Keith: Well, we don't know if we have that IP back baby!
Keith and Chris: Chicken Sandwich Showdown!
Chris: 2k18
Chris: What's your rubric for sandwiches?
Keith: Moisture of the chicken, Chris: Okay, moisture.
Keith: Crispiness of the outside,
Chris: Of- you're talking- of the chicken itself. Okay. Keith: Of the chicken, not the bread.
Keith: the mouthfeel.
Chris: Mouthfeel is a- is a really good category. Keith: Yeah, it's like about-
how does it feel in your mouth?
Colonel's Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
Actually looks like a giant version of the kids sandwich.
Should we Lady in the Tramp it? How should we do this?
Chris: It's fine. Keith: Bland.
Chris: I'm not licking any fingers.
Georgia Gold Honey Mustard Barbecue.
Barbecue just means sauce, right? Because there's no barbecue back there.
Keith: No. Chris: I don't know what a Georgia chicken is.
Keith *attempting a Southern accent*: It's a chicken that talks like this, Chris~.
Keith: The chicken breast on this one was better, it was more moist. Maybe it's because it had sauce on it?
Chris: I feel like I'm so used to tasting good chicken with you though that I'm just gonna be
negative this entire taste test. Keith: Well, try not to be.
Chris: I tried hard and I like the packaging.
Keith: Wow, what the f*ck! Chris: Wow!
Keith: Oh, wait a minute *makes buzzer sounds* Chris: Time out.
Keith: I've read about this, I didn't think we'd get it because for a brief sit in the summer in some places
they had the Pickle Fried Chicken. We got it guys. We got it. This is the Pickle Chicken from KFC.
Chris: In the-
Chris and Keith: Chicken Challenge
Keith: No, sandwich.
Chris: Chicken Sandwich Challenge. Keith: Chicken Sandwich Showdown.
Keith: Showdown.
Chris and Keith: Chicken Sandwich Showdown! 2k18
Keith: Wow, you really gotta flex that jaw to get in there, huh?
Chris: You just like barely have to open your mouth.
Keith: This is sort of what they replaced the Double Down with.
Chris: Double Down was so aggressive.
Keith: I've never gotten heartburn so fast in my life, but it was delicious.
Oh, the sandwich is bailing!
Chris: It's fine, it's boring, also like you don't want to go through this in the middle of the day.
Let's be honest with ourselves. W-What? Why are you- what are you doing? Why'd you order this?
Alright, what are we doing now?
Keith: Smoky Mountain Barbecue! Chris: Smoky Mountain Barbecue.
Keith: There we go. That looks like a different sandwich. Chris: Yeah!
That's fancy barbecue sauce right there.
That one's in the lead for me, I think that's definitely, of the sandwiches especially, a five finger-licking good.
Of the menu as a whole, probably a four finger-licking good.
Chris: Wow! Thank You.
Keith: Nashville Hot!
I just love smelling sandwiches.
Chris: Okay.
Keith: Whoa! Chris: Got a immediate kick.
Keith: Wow! Chris: That's the most interesting thing we've eaten
all day! In the...
Keith and Chris: Chicken Sandwich Showdown
Keith: Woo, the scovilles on that are up there!
That is the hottest fried chicken sandwich I've ever had from a fast food place.
Chris: From a fast food place. Keith: By far.
Oh God, give me this terrible drink. Chris: I dig it though.
Keith: It's a five (chicken clucks again.. i'm not writing this anymore) finger-lickin' good. It's really delicious.
Chris: It hits your spice buds immediately.
Keith: Hits those spice buds immediately.
Chris: Spice buds! Keith: Spice buds!
Keith: Right now, I don't think anything is gonna beat the Nashville Hot.
Looks like we got another stupid big f*ckin sandwich.
Chris: Americans like more.
Chris: Oh, am I suppose to eat it? Keith: Uh, huh.
Chris: All right. Keith: Bit my finger a little bit.
Keith: This one tastes better than the pickle one.
I think it actually is better to have two plain chicken breasts than pickle breasts.
I'm done with this sandwich, it's stupid, it's not very good. It bores me.
This is the chicken tender sandwich thing that they get for children. I've already eaten it. You can eat it.
Chris: I don't like this idea. Keith: I ate it in the kids meal.
Chris: No. Keith: It's boring. Yeah, it sucks. Whoa!
Chris: Sorry. Keith: Let's just at least keep it,
cuz' we might be able to it to feed somebody.
So at the end of the Chicken Sandwich Showdown 2k18, who won, Chris?
Chris: Nashville Hot Chicken, hands down.
Keith: Second place? Chris and Keith: Smoky barbecue.
Keith: Then the original, then the Georgia Gold, then the pickle thing,
then the double versions, then the chicken tender thingy.
Thanks for joining me Chris!
Chris: No problem! Keith: On the-
Keith and Chris: Chicken Sandwich Showdown 2k18!
Keith: Alright, thanks, Chris!
Chris: Alright, bye! Keith: Bye, chicken buddy!
Keith: Checkout Chris' Youtube, youtube.com/simpleplay
Chris: No, Chris Reinacher! Just say Chris Reinacher
Keith: Ooooo! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the KFC famous bowl!
This is mashed potatoes topped with gravy, corn, cheese, and chicken...
popcorn. Served with a- a foon? And you just go on-
Is this the spork you know and love, Zach?
Th-the spork was circular with prongs. This is rectangular. Is a spoon rectangular?
There's nothing circular about this. This is a foon. It's a fork dominant fork spoon.
There's a reason this bowl is famous. That is good. It is alarmingly good.
*Pure Joy*
It's sort of swimming in gravy and mashed potatoes the chicken is like really moist,
because it's living in this steam world.
I wonder if at any point in the concept of this they were like do you think we can convince people to eat it
without a utensil just like
This is four out of five finger-lickin' good, this is delicious.
Oh wow, guys!
You're in your car, you're on your way somewhere. You don't have time for a plate.
You don't have room for a bowl. You can put it in your cup holder. You can put it
on your fingers.
I'm excited for the chicken tenders, put this sweet and tangy sauce. Oh, I better bite it
I got it, bite it raw first.
I think the popcorn chicken is better, somehow? The go cup can go home.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the incomparable Eugene Lee Yang!
Hey! It's Pesto.
Wow get the dog out of here.
Eugene: It's my baby. Keith: Get the dog out of here.
Eugene: Look at my baby. Keith: Get the dog out of here.
Eugene: Wooh Keith.
Keith: Get the dog out of here. Get this dog- This isn't The Barkchshler.
Eugene: How cute does he look right now? Keith: He looks adorable, duh.
But that's not the point of the video. We can't just keep inserting dogs randomly in a videos.
All right, first off try that drink. Eugene: Why is it so greasy??
Eugene: Oh God, that's awful. Keith: It's terrible!
Eugene: Is that a peach tea? Keith: No, it's like a mango Fiesta tea from *bleep*
Eugene: Oh, f*ck that!
Keith: All right, we got Pickle Chicken!
This is chicken that's been doused in pickle juice.
Eugene: Why did you bring me to this one?? Keith: It's a summer favorite!
It's like pickle butter!
Keith: Ladies.
Eugene: You know, it doesn't taste as bad as it smells.
Keith: You're totally right. Eugene: Yeah.
Keith: Wuohh!
I went to put the lid back on and it was full pickle butter.
Eugene: I don't want to touch it anymore.
Keith: Well, I need it to leave and I need you to leave. I don't mean it like that.
I just do, we have to move on.
Eugene: Will you call me when you do Popeyes?
Keith: Yes! You'll know, we sit next to each other at work. Eugene: That's true.
Keith: Oh, *Singing* Chicken lesson
There's three things you order at restaurants.
You get chicken tenders, you get chicken strips, or you get chicken fingers.
Is there a difference? There sure f****** is.
Chicken tenders are the actual piece of tenderloin meat on the side of a breast.
That's the best thing you can get. The second best thing you can get is a chicken strip.
That's any whole piece of meat cut into strips breaded and fried.
Chicken "fingers" are ground up chicken mishmash breaded and fried.
If you go to a restaurant and says chicken tenders-
you got the good stuff. You've got chicken strips. Probably still pretty good. You got chicken fingers.
Mmm be wary.
*Singing* Chicken lesson.
This is the Georgia Gold Chicken Tenders?
That means this actually is the piece of breast meat that was cut off, this smells so good.
Oh, f*** yeah.
Oh, wow! Lightly sweet, so crispy. Can you hear the crispiness? *chewing noises*
Four out of five finger-lickin's.
All right buddy, let's stay focused. Ah, my camera ops are eating chicken.
What we got here? We got some other chicken. This is the...
Smoky Mountain BBQ. Chicken tenders.
Hear that? I'm a little bored by it, if I'm being totally honest.
Ladies and gentlemen, the father
The- the father, Ned!
Ned's here.
Ned: Yeah!
I thought I was supposed to enter after the father.
I was like... that's me!
Keith: Now try that drink. Ned: Okay.
I kind of like it. I think it's also sugar-free,
which I don't like.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders. Ned: *gasps*
Keith: Smell that.
Ned: Oh my god. Put some south in your mouth.
Are you feeling it?
I'm not feeling it.
Keith: Really? Ned: Nope.
Keith: You don't get any heat out this? My mouth is on fire.
So out of five finger-lickin's, how many fingers would you lick?
Ned: Oh, this is a five, baby! This one's good.
This is all I'm gonna eat though. I'm like-
Keith: Okay, well you can leave! Ned: Yeah!
Keith: Great, thanks, say bye everybody! Bye Ned! Ned: Byee!
Woman: Sides Keith: Sides!
Look at these instant potatoes.
Shazam! Potatoes by themselves probably like a 2 out of 5, with the gravy bums up to a four out of five.
Mmm, this corn is squirming like a freak on a leash.
I just really wanted to reference Korn.
*Keith singing (?)*
That's how they sang.
*Keith singing (?)*
I'm really not sure why I listened to Korn as a kid. It really isn't the kind of person I am.
Oh shit! Having all these together, I think the mac and cheese actually might be the best thing
I'm gonna up this to five out of five.
Well looky here!
I feel like I'm becoming a fancy debutante. Why, it looks like we've got some 'slaw.
This is one of the few chances you have at eating vegetables at KFC.
Sweet, crunchy, really good 'slaw.
I'm gonna give it like a two finger-lickin because it's not that it's not good
it's just like I'm not gonna spend much time here at KFC.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Colonel's favorite
Kentucky Fried Chicken in a bucket. It's finger-licking good!
And before we even get to the chicken, let's talk about this
Golden Circle that we've all been waiting for me to try.
When you walk into a KFC, the first thing you smell are these.
Not the chicken, how's it possible that this overrides the smell of so much chicken being cooked;
the butteriness the flakiness. I mean let's-
*joy intensifies*
I'm not, like, a honey biscuit boy, but I know that if I don't do this,
I'm gonna endure the wrath of the internet like crazy, so I'm putting the honey on the biscuits.
People care about this and I care about doing it right.
It's so good. Wow!
Oh my god! I gotta airlift the biscuits out.
This is why I'm the bucket king of Los Angeles.
Oh my God
Seconds ago in my head I was like, I don't know if I'm gonna like this, I'm getting really full. No.
It's so good. The flavor of the meat is incredible.
Wow! Oh!
That thigh, though. It's almost, like, too delicious.
If this isn't finger-lickin' good, I don't know what it is.
Look at these fingers. What can I do but lick?
Guys, this is hand-licking good!
This is two out of two hands.
So we've had the bucket, we've had everything KFC has to offer.
Oh, not quite. That's right, because just like Taco Bell, KFC is famous for its dessert.
This cookie looks pretty good. Ooh, ooh, brittle.
Yeah, it'll do. If had a glass of milk, I'd f*** this up. Three out of five fingers.
I've got a little chicken skin on the cake. Check this cake out.
Look at how soft it is.
Is this cake gonna be good? It can't be good.
It's pretty good cake.
I'll give this a 3 out of 5, I gave the cookies a 3 out of 5, but I think this is pretty darn finger licking okay!
Kentucky Fried cake.
Kentucky Fried Chicken sells so much chicken. What's the best chicken from KFC?
What's the best item from KFC?
I think the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich was by far the best chicken sandwich.
Of the chicken tenders, maybe the original is the best, maybe the Nashville hot also took that.
I think the Nashville Hot is the best of the sauces. I think the original recipe is pretty darn flavable.
Flavable. Flavable? Flah-fah-vle.
But the single best chicken dish from KFC is the chicken pot pie.
I think it was amazing. I know that's not fried chicken, (laugh)
but I'm being totally honest when I say that chicken pot pie is one of the best pot pies I've had.
And didn't you saw it, the pieces of chicken in there
were not cubed chicken that they threw in there because they had excess chicken.
They threw in huge pieces of chicken in that.
Of the fried chicken, I think the original recipe is the best thing of the fried chicken.
But the best dish is hands down that chicken pot pie.
I would eat a whole chicken pot pie right now. Oh, f***, yeah!
It says that you're gonna go on an adventure. Oh my god! Holy- oh, everybody. Hold up!
I ate this first and it said "You are about to embark on a journey
that will end with you eating a handmade pot pie".
(dramatic music)
I just got chills.
This has been 'Eat the menu'. I'm Keith Habersberger. I think I'm gonna vomit.
What should I eat next? Wha - Where do you want me to eat? Maybe Salad Mart?
Also, we got a lot of people challenging me to do this thinking I would never want to eat fried chicken again
You stupid, you stupid idiots! Of course I want to eat fried chicken again.
Nothing can stop me.
*Outro song*
Isn't this like in that Labyrinth movie there's a guy who's like this?
I didn't see that movie.


Keith Eats Everything At KFC

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